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Befriending Saudi Princes: A High Price for a Dubious Alliance Doug Bandow
Category: Worldview Published: July 2002
"The American commitment to the Saudi royal family is a moral blemish and a practical danger. It has already drawn the U.S. into one conventional war and has helped make Americans the tragets of terrorism. . . ."
Demonizing Drugmakers: The Political Assault on the Pharmaceutical Industry Doug Bandow
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2003
Drug industry critics have gotten the issue almost entirely wrong. Their insistence on crude gov't intervention to lower drug prices, rather than dynamic market-based innovations to improve overall health, risks killing the goose that lays the golden eggs
Responding to Terrorism: Conscription Is Not the Answer Doug Bandow
Category: National Affairs Published: January 2003
"A draft is not an intelligent way to fill a set of needs as diverse as those presented by the war on terrorism."
The Asia Pivot: Problems, Problems, Problems Doug Bandow
Category: The World Today Published: March 2017
Can Pres. Donald Trump succeed where the Obama Administration failed?--by employing China to help reel in a burgeoning (and unstable) nuclear threat in North Korea.