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A Contagious New Neighbor Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Health Beat Published: March 2018
Modern Medicine Mess Elizabeth Lee Vliet , Marilyn Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: March 2017
Before the arrival of the Trump Administration, 'the political elites…'disconnected' the natural regulatory mechanism of price signals and consumers making voluntary decisions about the use of their own money…"
Preserving Life Is not "an Exercise in Futility" Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2015
"More than half of [Planned Parenthood's] budget comes from taxpayers, the majority of whom do not support abortion, especially late-term killing of viable babies."
Uncovering What Ails Them Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Political Landscape Published: January 2018
As a prescription for what is making Washington toxic & dysfunctional, this physician suggests requiring politicians to release their medical records & disclose any medical or mental conditions for which they are being treated with prescription medicine.