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Does Iron Man Represent the Future? Erin Barton
Category: Science & Technology Published: January 2015
"[Will] Homo sapiens . . . give rise to Robo sapiens?"
Jamming Up Sex Traffic Erin Barton
Category: Life in America Published: May 2017
"…There is no such thing as a child prostitute. Minors used for sex by adults are, by definition, abuse victims. Pimps are, by definition, human traffickers. 'Johns' are, by definition, child rapists. Calling a survivor of child rape a prostitute…"
Living Lab for Sustainable Cities Erin Barton
Category: Frontier Horizons Published: September 2017
This Research Is "Complex" Erin Barton
Category: Science & Technology Published: March 2018
"The science of understanding . . . Systems of interdependent parts is aptly named 'complexity.' The field is young, highly interdisciplinary by necessity, and so cutting-edge it often is off the edge of the map. . . . "