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Entrepreneurship Will Beat Battleshipa Jeremy Wiesen
Category: National Affairs Published: May 2007
"Money cures almost all ills, while its absence is a precursor of restlessness, discontent, and violence. We need a foreign policy that showers dollars, not bombs, that ships business plans, not Humvees, abroad."
Save-the-World Conferences Are on the Rise Jeremy Wiesen
Category: The World Today Published: March 2006
"For the global needy, the fact that these conferences and similar ones are taking place shows that there is a new sense of worldwide caring."
Will Bill Clinton's Global Initiative Change the World? Jeremy Wiesen
Category: The World Today Published: November 2005
"Call it impact philanthropy, 21st century noblesse oblige, or just good, old-fashioned social activism, the spirit is there, but something vital is missing--a prioritized framework or model that works."