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Administering America John Marini
Category: National Affairs Published: March 2014
"The Constitution . . . Remains the source of authority for those in and out of government who oppose the administrative state, and a stumbling block to those who support it."
Can Trump Continue to Get the Better of the Deep State and the Fake-News Media? John Marini
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2019
"…Trump so far has succeeded -- largely through his relentless characterization of most of those in the media as dishonest partisans … -- in preventing the scandals surrounding him from being defined by his enemies in legal, rather than political, terms."
Capra's Quest John Marini
Category: American Thought Published: July 2015
"The past has come to seem no longer meaningful to the present and the celebration of past heroes, like Lincoln, has come to appear naïve. The moral regeneration of America will require more than another [filmaker Frank] Capra. It will require a Lincoln."
Roosevelt's or Reagan's America? A Time for Choosing John Marini
Category: American Thought Published: September 2008
[FDR] assumed that a fundamental tension exists between equality and liberty that only can be resolved by a powerful, even unlimited, administrative or welfare state. The American Founders thought that equality and liberty were perfectly compatible. . . .