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"Speak Human" and Change the Game Merilee Kern
Category: Business & Finance Published: March 2019
"It always is important to remember that your target audience does not care about you. They care about what you can do for them."
A Way to "Patent" Profits Merilee Kern
Category: Business & Finance Published: January 2020
Organizations need to shift their mentality away from patents being seen as a way to protect their ideas, and instead regard them as a means to grow business and create wealth through intellectual property-driven analytics and key business assets. . . .
Establishing Integrity Merilee Kern
Category: Marketplace Published: September 2016
"Far too many companies are churnign out traditional sales lingo with fluff and vague, or entirely overinflated, claims, spending paltry little time and energy establishing credibility with prospective customers…:
Foregoing Fat for a Profit Merilee Kern
Category: Mind & Body Published: March 2016
"…Dieting for dollars has come of age to the extent that large-scale corporate wellness programs and entire school districts and municipalities have embraced this approach."
Shattering the Status Quo Merilee Kern
Category: Going Places Published: July 2017
Escalating game changers are impacting both leisure and business travelers.
Sweating It Out Merilee Kern
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2017
"The extreme level of sweat production experienced with hyperhidrosis can disrupt all aspects of a student's life, from academic performance, recreational activities and relationships, to self-image and overall emotional well-being. . . . "
The Angst of Aiding Aging Parents Merilee Kern
Category: Life in America Published: May 2016
"Seeing that they go somewhere that offers assistance, socialization, and activites can help cure the loneliess and put them back on track to a more fulfilling, active, and engaged life"
The Superstar Paradox Merilee Kern
Category: Business & Finance Published: July 2020
"It's time to stop living life for achievements, money, accolades, and the validation of other people . . . Those locked-in patterns [are] causing anxiety and misery--and a life devoid of meaning [and] purpose. . . ."