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Forget the "Great Communicator," We Need the "Great Refrainer" Amity Shlaes
Category: Economics Published: May 2013
Unlike Reagan, Coolidge distinguished government austerity from private-sector austerity, combined deficit cuts with tax cuts, and made a moral case for saying "no." A political leader who does the same today may find an electorate that says "yes."
How Presidential Administrations Cheat at Monopoly Amity Shlaes
Category: Business & Finance Published: January 2011
The rules of the game were violated by FDR--and now by Barack Obama. Both refused to acknowledge--clost to a century apart--that "recovery will not happen from the top."
The Crippling Legacy of the 1936 Election Amity Shlaes
Category: USA Yesterday Published: September 2008
"[What] about the voter who was not included in preferred interest groups . . . the forgotten voter for whom there is 'no provision in the great scramble' for Federal largesse? Our elections are not good elections until they welcome back that voter, too."