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American Indian Art Enjoys a Revival Anthony Layng
Category: American Culture Published: March 2011
"Clearly, Indian art has been, and continues to be, influenced by ancient traditions and contemporary concerns."
Color Counts Anthony Layng
Category: Life in America Published: March 2006
". . . It is evident that differing color holds considerable importance within the black community and is measurably influencing self-esteem, prestige, and marital status."
When Cousins Do More Than Kiss Anthony Layng
Category: Life in America Published: September 2009
"Since incest taboos are so ancient and continue today very much as they did in the past, having near unanimity regarding their moral necessity, it seems safe to assum that they still serve some practical need."
When the Spirit Moves Them Anthony Layng
Category: Religion Published: May 2010
"To the extent that we view American Indian religion as having been lost or destroyed, we fail to appreciate how successfully it has adapted to changing circumstances."
Women Remain Oppressed Anthony Layng
Category: Religion Published: September 2008
"Most of us readily condemn the treatment of women in fundamentalist Muslim countries, but fail to recognize that further erosion of democracy and women's rights could happen here if the growing influence of religious fundamentalism remains unchallenged."