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America's Battleground Carolyn M. Fischer
Category: Worldview Published: January 2021
The term "strategic narcissism" best describes our nation's tendency to "define the world only in relation to [its] own aspirations and desires."
Madman on the Loose Carolyn Fischer
Category: Worldview Published: November 2020
"Pres. Donald Trump's often incomprehensible foreign policy . . . has changed the country and the world."
Profiles in Corruption Carolyn M. Fischer
Category: Political Landscape Published: September 2020
A best-selling author chronicles the abuse of power by America's progressive elite.
Taking on Big Tech Carolyn Fischer
Category: Social Media Published: November 2021
"Winning the culture war against Big Tech lies within the power of families and communities; winning the political-economic war is in the province of government."
The Storm Before the Calm Carolyn Fischer
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2020
America's discord and the coming crisis of the 2020s will lead to . . .remarkably . . .the triumph beyond.
The Trumped Up Charges Never Cease Carolyn Fischer
Category: Worldview Published: July 2021
Instead of subsiding now that he no longer is president, Trump Derangement Syndrome, especially in regards to Russia, apparently will continue unabated.