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America's Record Trade Deficit: A Reflection of Economic Strength Daniel T. Griswold
Category: Economics Published: May 2001
"The contention that trade deficits somehow damage the U.S. economy is directly challenged by its superior performance during times when they are rising."
Confronting the Problem of Illegal Mexican Migration to the U.S. Daniel T. Griswold
Category: National Affairs Published: March 2003
"If a wide enough channel were opened so that the supply of workers from Mexico could be legally matched with the demand for their labor in the U.S., the rationale for the current illegal flow of Mexican migrants would vanish."
NAFTA at 10: An Economic and Foreign Policy Success Daniel T. Griswold
Category: Worldview Published: May 2003
"With a decade of hindsight, it is diffucult to find any evidence of a 'giant sucking sound' of jobs, investment, and manufacturing capacity heading south [to Mexico]."