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Improving the "Converse" Universe Geoffrey Tumlin
Category: Life in America Published: March 2015
"When bad communcation habits take over, the reputation you worked so hard to cultivate takes a beating. These habits are the punishment that keeps on giving."
Playing Dumb Is Smart Geoffrey Tumlin
Category: Psychology Published: July 2015
"… Dumb statements are a fact of life, but you can reduce the negative impact of someone else's dumb statements by playing dumb yourself … ."
Red Alert: Holiday Office Party Dead Ahead Geoffrey Tumlin
Category: Life in America Published: November 2015
"…Lay of the juice, master the exit, review a few names, partner up smartly, and think about the party as a celebration and not as a Santa-themed networking event."
Seeking a Higher Order of Communication Geoffrey Tumlin
Category: Words & Images Published: September 2016
"By focusing on what you want to accomplish instead of what you want to say, you will keep your conversational goal in its rightful place--above your feelings in terms of priority."
The Phones Are Smart, What About Their Users? Geoffrey Tumlin
Category: Life in America Published: January 2014
"Technology has encouraged communication on our terms and led to an explosion of self-expressive me-first messages [but] what you want to say never is more important than what you want to accomplish."