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Benched to an Early Exit Jeff Grabmeier
Category: Sports Scene Published: May 2021
"Black players in the National Basketball Association have 30% greater odds of leaving in any given season than white players who have equivalent performances on the court . . ."
Give Peace a Chance--No Way Jeff Grabmeier
Category: World Watcher Published: November 2019
The belief that war is disappearing has lulled us into a false sense of security.
Justifying Genocide Jeff Grabmeier
Category: World Watcher Published: September 2018
Perpetrators of genocide say they are "good people," as a study examines testimony of defendants in Rwandan violence.
Muddled Multitasking Jeff Grabmeier
Category: Hitting the Books Published: November 2020
"Multitasking makes adolescents feel both more positively and more negatively about the main taask they are trying to accomplish. . . ."