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Hot Under the Collar Over Global Warming John J. Berger
Category: Ecology Published: July 2013
"Now that the key scientific facts are in . . . It is unconscionable to continue circulating misleading, discredited information."
Is the Arctic Carbon Bomb About to Go Off? John J. Berger
Category: Ecology Published: July 2015
"The implications of uncontrolled permafrost melting and the release of carbon from northern latitudes do not seem to be on the minds of most world leaders."
Plenty to Beef About John J. Berger
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: September 2016
"Aided and abetted by a short-sighted Feredal farm policy, Big Ag treats cows barbarously, even as it ruins some of the best soil on the planet, destroys irreplacable aquifers, fills the air with warming gases, "
Time to Hit the Panic Button John J. Berger
Category: Ecology Published: January 2015
"Time Is running out to prevent a climate catastrophe."