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Restoring Justice Katherine van Wormer
Category: Law & Justice Published: November 2001
"Restorative justice condemns the criminal act, but not the actor, and holds offenders accountable, involves all participants, and encourages repentant offenders to earn their way back into good standing in society."
Sexual Traumatization by Priests: What is the Effect on Spirituality? Katherine van Wormer , Lois Berns
Category: Religion Published: September 2002
"The institutional Church has to acknowleged the magnitude of the damage that has been done through years of denial and deception, and embark on a stringent crackdown on the sexual abuse of children and adolescents."
Why Kidnap Victims and Battered Women May Be So Slow to Escape Katherine Van Wormer
Category: Psychology Published: July 2007
"The feeling that one has no control is key to behavior that may appear unduly submissive and strangely loyal."
Why So Many Murder-Suicides? Katherine van Wormer
Category: Law & Justice Published: March 2007
". . . The girlfriend or wife makes a move to leave. Her partner is totally distraught in the belief that he cannot live without her. . . . At some point, the man decides that, if they cannot live together, they can die together. . . ."