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Coronavirus Could Change the Future of Transit Funding Liz Farmer
Category: Going Places Published: September 2020
"Fears around public transportation as a spreader of disease--whether unfounded or not--plus more people working from home are likely to keep ridership and revenues low in the foreseeable future."
Gig Guesswork Liz Farmer
Category: Economics Published: July 2021
". . . When the CARES Act passed in the early weeks of the pandemic and expanded unemployment insurance benefits to this class of workers, it placed a spotlight on just how much we do not know about the size of gig economy."
Local Governments Feel Impact of the Great Resignation Liz Farmer
Category: Back to Business Published: March 2022
"While government employment has endured setbacks during recessions, what is happening now goes well beyond that."
Pandemic Ghost Towns Liz Farmer
Category: Life In America Published: January 2021
". . . City policymakers are struggling to contemplate . . . how much of this shift will be permanent. . . ."
Will the Gap Grow Wider? Liz Farmer
Category: Life In America Published: July 2020
"Many worry the inequalities of this digital divide will worsen during the COVID-19 crisis, even as there is hope the spotlight on the problem will lead to a fix after years of waiting."