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Attack of the Four-Wheeled Giants Peter J. Cooper
Category: Life in America Published: March 2004
"The sport utility vehicle has been called the modern muscle car. What SUVs lack in acceleration, tire-burning ability, handling, and gracefulness, they compensate for in size, weight, and machismo."
Modern America and the Diminishing Individual Peter J. Cooper
Category: American Thought Published: July 2005
"It is fitting that the Bush Administration should preside over such a grim, uncaring era. 'Compassionate conservatism' is as cynical an oxymoron as has ever been presented to the American people."
What Did You Say? Peter J. Cooper
Category: Life in America Published: July 2013
"American English is an incomparably broad, vigorous, versatile, mutable tongue that can withstand an unintended daily pummeling by millions of those who speak it."