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Big Burdens from Growth Management Randal O'Toole
Category: Economics Published: September 2008
". . . Efforts to control sprawl have led to . . . unaffordable housing, higher land costs for business and industry, housing bubbles and busts, and increasing barriers to homeownership for low- and moderate-income families."
Bursting Our Bubble Randal O'Toole
Category: Life in America Published: March 2010
"Bubbles and credit crises happen too often as it is. Governments should not increase their frequencies and depths by creating artificial housing and real estate shortages."
Housing Headaches Randal O'Toole
Category: Economics Published: November 2021
People who care about housing affordability, income inequality, and economic stability, need to recognize that government planners in both the U.S. and China largely are responsible for rising housing prices, income inequality, and economic volatility.
It Costs What?! Randal O'Toole
Category: Going Places Published: March 2022