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Fuel Fight William Yeatman
Category: Economic Observer Published: January 2020
"Car companies are delaying delivery of their least-polluting cars, and their purpose is to game compliance with the European Union's fuel economy regulations. . . . Could it happen here?"
Pandemic Payouts Gone Wild William Yeatman
Category: Economics Published: September 2021
"Due to [a] maelstrom of mismanagement [involving the Small Business Administration's pandemic programs], hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have been placed at undue risk."
Reconciliation Recoil William Yeatman
Category: National Affairs Published: July 2021
". . . In the contemporary Congress, lawmakers are not even sure 'how a bill becomes a law.' "
Remaking Congress: Back to Basics William Yeatman
Category: National Affairs Published: January 2020
Both parties whine about about executive overreach, but only when they do not occupy the White House. Neither party seeks to claw back power from the presidency because each side wants its respective team to exercise authority.