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A Daunting Triple Alliance Murray Weidenbaum
Category: Economics Published: May 2005
Will the Federal government ever display enough courage--or know-how--to contain the triple-headed beast of Social Security, Medicare, and Income Tax reform?
A Sobering Forecast for 2002 College Graduates John A. Challenger
Category: Economics Published: May 2002
By November, more than 360,000 may still be jobless.
A Witches' Brew of Alternatives to Social Security Privatization Michael Tanner
Category: Economics Published: September 2002
Opponents' proposals call for tax increases, benefit cuts, and/or government investing.
Affording the Retirement Dream Lowell M. Smith Jr.
Category: Economics Published: September 2001
". . . Americans are further along the way toward having legislation that is designed to enable people to exert more control over their retirement destinies."
Agriculture Still Seeking Relief Jacob Morgan
Category: Economics Published: May 2019
Challenges and uncertainty abound as domestic and global economic growth rates slow and trade talks continue.
America's Record Trade Deficit: A Reflection of Economic Strength Daniel T. Griswold
Category: Economics Published: May 2001
"The contention that trade deficits somehow damage the U.S. economy is directly challenged by its superior performance during times when they are rising."
America's Economic Liberty Is in Peril Walter Williams
Category: Economics Published: January 2010
Following a series of attacks on private property & free enterprise--beginning in the early 20th century and...during the New Deal, the Great Society, and again recently by the Obama Administration--the gov't outlined in the Constitution has disappeared.
Americans Gloomy Over Finances
News View Category: Economics Published: December 2002
Americans Should Be Free to Choose
Category: Economics Published: January 2007
Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman expounds on the U.S. economy and the societal effects of government policy.
An American Look at the Czech Republic Murray Weidenbaum
Category: Economics Published: September 2007
Traditionally, we have had a very special relationship with the Czech people. There is a substantial reservoir of good will towards Americans. The U.S. has been one of the top five foreign investors in the Czech nation since the Velvet Revolution of 1989.
Are We Prepared for a Knowledge-Based Economy? John A. Challenger
Category: Economics Published: November 2006
"The sectors where expansion will be the greatest--those that will continue to move the economy away from manufacturing--are the areas where the skills deficit will be most noticeable."
Baby Boomers at a Crossroads John A. Challenger
Category: Economics Published: January 2006
"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."
Bank on It Lawrence H. White
Category: Economics Published: November 2015
"Where free banking was given a reasonable trial…it functioned well for the typical user of money and banking services."
Behind Alan Greenspan's Recession Tim D. Kane
Category: Economics Published: May 2002
The Federal Reserve Chairman's "attempt to head off recession through lower interest rates not only failed to prevent it, but actually slowed the economy's pace."
Big Burdens from Growth Management Randal O'Toole
Category: Economics Published: September 2008
". . . Efforts to control sprawl have led to . . . unaffordable housing, higher land costs for business and industry, housing bubbles and busts, and increasing barriers to homeownership for low- and moderate-income families."
Can the ObamaCare Genie Be Put Back in the Bottle? Casey Mulligan
Category: Economics Published: January 2015
"If you like your weak economy, you can keep your weak economy."
Coming Up Short Ryan Bourne
Category: Economics Published: September 2019
The economic case for increasing the Federal minimum wage is quite dubious.
Corporate Tax Cuts: U.S. Is Falling Behind
News View Category: Economics Published: December 2007
Credit Counseling vs. Debt Settlement
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2010
Decarbonization of the Global Energy Trade
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2020
Deflating the World's Bubble Economy Lester R. Brown
Category: Economics Published: November 2003
"Unless the damaging trends that have been set in motion are reversed quickly, we could see vast numbers of environmental refugees abandoning areas scarred by depleted aquifers and exhausted soils. . . ."
Deregulation California Style Tim D. Kane
Category: Economics Published: July 2001
"Profound ignorance of the nation's market system and an unwillingness to trust buyers and sellers to manage their own affairs turned a desirable objective into the world's most-expensive train wreck."
Dispelling Monetary Doldrums via Dollarization Steve H. Hanke
Category: Economics Published: November 2015
"Venezuela's annual inflation rate [is] 335%--the highest in the world. For those holding bolivars, it amounts to no rule of law and bad money."
Do We Really Want to Bank at the Post Office? Lawrence H. White
Category: Economics Published: January 2021
"The [Kirsten Gillibrand and Bernie Sanders] bill and other recent proposals for postal banking seek to provide a consumer-friendly alternative to state-regulated payday lending, and to the check-cashing services presently used by the unbanked."
Does Socialism or Free Enterprise Best Serve the Common Good? Rev. Robert A. Sirico
Category: Economics Published: November 2007
"What then can we say of those who today remain attached to socialism as a political goal? We can say that they do not know or have not understood the economic history of the last 300 years. . . ."
Dollar Goes Down as Oil Prices Go Up
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2008
Down on the Farm Jacob Morgan
Category: Economics Published: January 2020
"The U.S. farm economy has demonstrated its resiliency in the face of trade wars, extreme weather, and other disruptive events."
Embracing Today's Global Economy John A. Challenger
Category: Economics Published: September 2005
"We have the potential to become a world of trading partners who depend on each other for the well-being of our people. That certainly is a future less threatening than the one we know at present."
Enriching America's Heartland Mike Johanns
Category: Economics Published: May 2006
Trade is just one of the many pieces of a very large and complex portfolio that comprises American farm policy.
Entrepreneurs Can Save Us Walter E. Williams
Category: Economics Published: March 2015
"In a free economy, the pursuit of profits and serving people are one in the same."
Establishing Rules for the New Workplace John A. Challenger
Category: Economics Published: November 2002
"The forces of technology, globalization, deregulation, shareholder power, and free agency have combined to change the social contract between the individual and the organization."
Ethnic Enclaves as Economic Petri Dishes Alex Nowrasteh
Category: Economics Published: November 2019
"[These communities] assist in assimilating immigrants into the U.S. economy, and policies focused on maximizing entrepreneurial activity will most improve the enclave's quality."
Fed Failures Norbert J. Michel
Category: Economics Published: May 2015
"The Great Depression, the great stagflation, and the 2008 financial crisis (aka the Great Recession) all have occurred on the [Federal Reserve Bank's] watch."
Federal Procurement Wastes Billions
News View Category: Economics Published: December 2010
Financial Horizons Shrinking for Retirees
News View Category: Economics Published: December 2018
Financial Strain Leads to Smaller Babies
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2017
Forces Shaping the Rural Economy Jacob Morgan
Category: Economics Published: March 2019
"The global economy is slowing and the effects will spread to U.S. shores. World economic output hit an eight-year high in 2018, powered by advanced economies and emerging markets, but challenges mounted late last year…"
Forget the "Great Communicator," We Need the "Great Refrainer" Amity Shlaes
Category: Economics Published: May 2013
Unlike Reagan, Coolidge distinguished government austerity from private-sector austerity, combined deficit cuts with tax cuts, and made a moral case for saying "no." A political leader who does the same today may find an electorate that says "yes."
Four Bucks a Gallon--Ouch! John P. Strelecky
Category: Economics Published: July 2012
This is an issue that can be gotten under control and, for the sake of the economy, must be gotten under control.
Free Choice in a Free Market Brian Johnson
Category: Economics Published: November 2019
". . . The single best policy to protect American consumers and to foster financial inclusion is to ensure that people have the ability to make their own choices in the free markets."
Getting a Divorce Recession-Style Mark Banschick
Category: Economics Published: November 2011
The economy is affecting divorcing couple the way it is affecting everyone--encouraging frugality and collaboration.
Giving Back . . . And Forward Kimberly Scott
Category: Economics Published: November 2018
"Watching mom and dad engage in charitable activities reinforces the perception that your family values acts of generosity. The more this notion is reinforced, the better."
Global Slowdown Underway
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2005
Going for the Gold Edmund C. Moy
Category: Economics Published: May 2012
Somehow, my stock certificates, electronic accounts, and insurance policies do not generate the same sense of pride and connection to my country's history as the gold American Eagle and Buffalo coins that I own.
Greenspan Fiddled While the Economy Burned William D. Rutherford
Category: Economics Published: September 2004
"How did the man who engineered the collapse of the greatest economy in history . . . Ushering in the longest market decline since the Great Depression, costing 2,500,000 people their jobs . . . Keep his position, let alone achieve such a lofty status?"
Houses Are "High" in Price James Conklin , Moussa Diop , Herman Li
Category: Economics Published: September 2018
Houses--especially single-family residences--in close proximity to legalized retail marijuana stores have increased in value by almost 10%.
How the Mighty Are Fallen James W. Thomson
Category: Economics Published: March 2011
". . . The depiction of the U.S.'s expected fall from grace has become 'the preferred intellectual preoccupation of the elite--left, right, and center.' "
How to Restore the U.S.'s Economic Mobility Frank Buckley
Category: Economics Published: January 2017
"A class society has inserted itself within the folds of what once was a classless country, as a dominant New Class…has pulled up the ladder of social advancement behind it."
How to Smooth Job Transition to Offset Overseas Outsourcing John A. Challenger
Category: Economics Published: May 2004
"Policymakers have to refocus their energies away from trying to stop outsourcing to finding ways to help those affected."
If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It Patrick Toomey
Category: Economics Published: July 2009
". . . If half of the population believes that it is entitled to have someone else pay for government, we should not be surprised if public support for economic freedom continues to erode."
If the Invisible Hand of the Free Market Is Dead, Has Capitalism Been Buried Along with It? Gerald E. Marsh
Category: Economics Published: January 2012
". . . The 'invisible hand' does not exist, and it is time that this hoary belief is replaced by something better. . . ."
Income Inequality and Export "Complexity"
News View Category: Economics Published: April 2017
Industrial Revolution Linked to Evolution
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2003
Is Your Financial Health at Risk? Allen Weintraub
Category: Economics Published: January 2002
"It's never too soon to become an effective money manager and improve your financial well-being."
It's All in the Physics F. Patrick Cunnane
Category: Economics Published: September 2019
"…Socialism should be explained with a best sceintific effort and analyzed with methods of logic -- not preached about in nonquantifiable, emotional right- or left- leaning dogma."
Job Creation Requires Risk-Taking John A. Challenger
Category: Economics Published: March 2003
"In the current employment market, with so many talented people looking for work, it is necessary, regardless of age and experience, to be a lot more creative and aggressive when it comes to a job search."
Ladies, Start Your Businesses
News View Category: Economics Published: April 2016
Last Rites for the Dollar Are Premature Swaminathan S. Ankelsaria Aiyar
Category: Economics Published: November 2009
"If the U.S., EU, and Japan agreed to guarantee a new [International Monetary Fund] currency, it theoretically could come into existence, but there is not the slightest prospect that hard-currency countries will do so."
Less Bang for the Buck: The Flimsy Case for Stimulus Spending Andrew T. Young
Category: Economics Published: May 2013
An economist asks, "Why in the world are we all Keynesians again?".
Life at the End of the Reaganomics Rainbow George Gilder
Category: Economics Published: November 2004
High tax rates don't stop someone from being rich. Wealthy individuals move their money to protected havens. High tax rates stop poor people from getting rich & entrepreneurs from supplying goods & services that generate wealth, jobs, value & tax revenue.
Long-Term Loss of Investors Seen
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2009
Military Might Comes with a Price Murray Weidenbaum
Category: Economics Published: July 2010
". . . The uncertain and dangerous world in which we live requires a serious rethinking of the tendency of the last half-century to reduce the portion of the nation's resources and, specifically, of the government's budget devoted to national defense."
Millions of Americans Do Not Want a Job
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2004
Mixed Messages from Post-Recession U.S.
News View Category: Economics Published: December 2015
More to Fear than Fear Itself Gerald E. Marsh
Category: Economics Published: September 2012
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, large swaths of American cities burned. It could happen again, and this time, it might not be restricted to poor areas.
Obama Gives Laissez Faire Its Last Rites James W. Thomson
Category: Economics Published: May 2011
"The anti-business and -economic growth opinions held by the current Administration are mirrored by punitive business tax rates and stringent environmental regulations, spurring many firms to transfer their operations to other countries. . . ."
Obama's Stimulus Promotes Inflation
News View Category: Economics Published: April 2009
Outlook for 2012: More of the Same
News View Category: Economics Published: December 2011
Outsourcing Is a Good Thing--Mostly Murray Weidenbaum
Category: Economics Published: May 2004
"Cost reductions from outsourcing . . . open up new market opportunities for U.S. companies to generate additional jobs here at home. . . . Outsourcing and the savings its generates are the beginning--not the end--of the adjustment process."
Paying the Price Loretta Napoleoni
Category: Economics Published: March 2009
"Although the cyclical nature of history holds forth the promise that politics will manage to regain control of the economy, these hard decades of rogue economics once again will be the high price that we pay for our conquests."
Post-September 11 Financial Planning Joe Rob
Category: Economics Published: January 2003
"The first step is to take a thorough inventory of your financial superstructure--mutual funds, stock and bond portfolios, insurance, tax strategies, retirement plans, trusts, everything--so that they can be realigned in light of today's realities."
Poverty Line Is Not "Best" Indicator
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2011
Productivity Slow-Down Causing Some Concern
News View Category: Economics Published: April 2007
Public-Sector Unionism Is a Bad Deal for America Don Bellante , David Denholm , Ivan Osorio
Category: Economics Published: March 2010
State and local lawmakers would best serve the interests of the majority of their constituents by avoiding public-sector collective bargaining. Short of that, they need the ability to drive a harder bargain.
Regional Approach Aids Rural Industries
News View Category: Economics Published: August 2007
Rising EU Productivity Still Lags Behind U.S.
News View Category: Economics Published: April 2005
Saving a Nation Adrift Steve Riczo
Category: Economics Published: September 2007
"Through diligence & hard work, avoidance of complacency, an active citizenry, election of worthy leaders, & a strong sense of morality, the U.S. can emerge as the undisputed leader of the free world in every sense of the phrase for many years to come."
Should Internet Sales Be Taxed? Aaron Lukas
Category: Economics Published: January 2001
"A speculative revenue crisis doesn't justify giving new taxing authority to states to treat all businesses badly in the name of fairness."
Solving the Looming Labor Crisis John A. Challenger
Category: Economics Published: July 2003
A growing number of retirees, declining fertility rates, and a labor force that simply does not possess the right skills to meet employers' needs are leading to shortages of workers for many positions.
Stock Market Declines' Effect on the Social Security Reform Debate Andrew G. Biggs
Category: Economics Published: May 2003
". . . What really matters for personal accounts isn't how they would have performed over the last year, or over any single year. For retirement investment, what matters is where you start and where you wind up."
Stocks Soaring for Senators Alan Ziobrowski
Category: Economics Published: May 2005
Are members of Congress enjoying the benefits of insider trading at the expense of taxpayers?
Summertime Savings John J. Vento
Category: Economics Published: July 2015
"If you want to become financially independent, you must live within your means, and that translates into carefully controlling and budgeting your spending over the summer."
Surveying the Global Marketplace Murray Weidenbaum
Category: Economics Published: January 2004
"Half of Xerox's employees work on foreign soil and less than half of Sony's employees are Japanese. More than 50% of IBM's revenues originate overseas; the same is true for Citigroup, ExxonMobil, DuPont, Procter & Gamble, and many other corporate giants.
Technology, Competition, and Antitrust Enforcement Dwight R. Lee , Richard B. McKenzie
Category: Economics Published: March 2001
"The technological advances that increase competition and the benefits it creates are fostering political perversity in the form of antitrust litigation that undermines those benefits."
The American Dream's Death Spiral James W. Thomson
Category: Economics Published: November 2010
". . . 'The government has been hijacked by the economic elite' and . . . their spokesmen, lobbysits, and campaign contributors have an important voice in every decision while ordinary people have none."
The Bad News Is Really Good News Murray Weidenbaum
Category: Economics Published: July 2004
With South Korea flexing its considerable economic muscle on the world stage, the U.S. suddenly has a new competitor--and partner--in the ever-evolving global marketplace
The Bear Hungers On: Will Russia Get--and Keep--Its Act Together? Murray Weidenbaum
Category: Economics Published: January 2005
The major republic of the former Soviet Union is full of economic possibilities--and major pitfalls.
The Case Against Medicare for All Jay Bhattacharya , Jonathan Ketcham
Category: Economics Published: May 2020
In applying the insights of C.S. Lewis, the government's power of the purse under Medicare for All provides justification for a bureaucracy of 'omnipotent moral busibodies' who torment us for our own good without end.
The China Syndrome Peter Dizikes
Category: Economics Published: July 2016
"[Economic research] is meant to speak to interested policymakes and reinforce the idea that trade policy is not just an issue that stands apart from larger issues concerning the social fabric of the U.S."
The Consequences Wrought by Greedy Financiers James W. Thomson
Category: Economics Published: March 2012
"In terms of income inequality, the U.S. now lags behind most of Western Europe, while the nations that are closest to the U.S. are Russia (run by its oligarchs) and Iran (with its mullahs)."
The Economic Slump Goes On and On and . . . James W. Thomson
Category: Economics Published: January 2011
"There is a substantial chance that the U.S. economy is headed into a lost decade, similar to what Japan has experienced in the last 15 years. . . ."
The Federal Debt Takes a Hard Left William H. Northwall
Category: Economics Published: September 2019
"This is the same crowd that fervently believes in Keynesian theory, and they have a name for their belief, Modern Monetary Theory…For this group, all government problems can be solved by printing money."
The Gap Is a Trap James Thomson
Category: Economics Published: March 2014
". . . Our nation's recent political dialogue, especially under Pres. [Barack] Obama, has been focused on income inequality--in particular, who should get their 'fair share' of the nation's wealth from our lagging economy."
The Grand Old Spending Party Stephen Slivinski
Category: Economics Published: July 2005
"No longer are Republicans arguing with Democrats about whether government should be big or small. Instead, they are at odds over what kind of big government the U.S. should have."
The Great Debate Steve Forbes
Category: Economics Published: May 2008
Democratic capitalism still has not vanquished the idea of collectivism. As proof, merely look at how our government embraces the concepts of socialism at the expense of free trade and other economic truths.
The Impact of a Changing Economy on Gen X Job Seekers Gail Audibert , Mary Jones
Category: Economics Published: March 2002
"While the slowing economy means that Gen Xers will no longer receive offers on a silver platter, it doesn't mean that the jobs are drying up."
The International Monetary Fund Deters Free Capital Flow Robert Krol
Category: Economics Published: November 2001
"A larger role for the IMF in the international economy will not reduce the frequency and severity of financial crises or promote reform."
The IRS's Intensified Audit Track Daniel J. Pilla
Category: Economics Published: July 2002
". . . To conduct audits, the purpose of which is to build a database from which countless taxpayers will be selected for even-more-extensive audits, is not only irrational, but unreasonable and invasive."
The Misguided Call for Intervention Jagadeesh Gokhale
Category: Economics Published: May 2009
There are several reasons to believe the bailout will be ineffective--most importantly because it is being implemented badly. The stimulus plan cobbled together by the Obama Administration and Congress will worsen the nation's long-term financial outlook.
The Nasty Trade-Off: COVID-19 and Poverty
News View Category: Economics Published: April 2020
The Not-So-Dismal Science to the Rescue William McGurn
Category: Economics Published: September 2011
". . . The admirers of Adam Smith have more in common with the followers of the Good Book than we might suppose. . . . Dismal science was born as an epithet meant to dismiss those arguing that slaves deserved their freedom."
The Recovery Finally Has Arrived--For Real John A. Challenger
Category: Economics Published: March 2004
The American economy sports a sleek new look as it shakes off the shackles of recession.
The Saga of Secular Stagnation James W. Thomson
Category: Economics Published: May 2015
Theories from the Great Depression still haunt the nation as the economy continues to struggle to shake off the shackles of the Great Recession.
The Tax Man Cometh No Matter Where You Are Murray Weidenbaum
Category: Economics Published: July 2013
"Four major alternative ways of reforming Federal taxation that focus directly or indirectly on consumption have been developed," but none of them will be adopted by Congress.
The Verdict Is In: We're Doomed James W. Thomson
Category: Economics Published: July 2011
Under the Obama Administration, "income redsitribution and environmentalism [have taken] precedence over the materialistic needs of business and commerce."
Trying to Work It Out Liz Downs , Kyle Fretwell
Category: Economics Published: July 2020
"The coronavirus crisis disproportionately affects 21.3% of American workers in retail, leisure, and hospitality, who not only face lack of work, but suffer from long-standing, below-average wages."
Unions Rarely Miss Their Payday Murray Weidenbaum
Category: Economics Published: March 2010
". . . The average government worker now earns more than the average private-sector worker. This relationship is occurring during a period in which all levels of government are facing unprecedented budget deficits."
Want to Eat Better? Sorry, We're Closed
News View Category: Socioeconomics Published: August 2016
Western Investment Can Help Conquer Terrorism Rudian Arafeh
Category: Economics Published: September 2003
"An improved living standard is a potent antidote to the discontent that frequently fuels fanatacism."
What About Trade? Daniel J. Ikenson
Category: Economics Published: September 2019
There has been an "absence of any coherent, fresh ideas from the Democratic presidential aspirants that would differentiate their trade policies from Pres. [Donald] Trump's…"
What's Fair Is Fair David J. Bier
Category: Economics Published: November 2019
"Ultimately, the [Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act] will not fix the entire immigration system, but it would accomplish its purpose: making the system fairer."
Whistle While You Work Sheena Karami
Category: Economics Published: July 2019
Blue collar America is satisfied on the job and at home.
Will Falling Oil Prices Provide a Boost?
News View Category: Economics Published: April 2015
Women Still Wondering When All Will Be Equal Clea Simon , Christina Pazzanese
Category: Economics Published: May 2016
"Awareness…always is the first step down a better path."