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"Preclearing" the Voting Rights Act Desmond Ang
Category: Polling Place Published: March 2019
"…Pres. Trump claimed that, of the 'millions' of allegedly illegal ballots cast in 2016, 'none of them [came] to me. They…all [went] to the other side.' Given the U.S.'s growing minority electorate,…[our] voting laws could have lasting implications…"
A "Hack" of a Close Vote Daniel Markuson
Category: Polling Place Published: January 2021
"Most [voting] machines are more than 10 years old and were designed at a time when no one considered the need for cybersecurity."
Comrade Sanders Is Wrong Marian L. Tupy , Chelsea Follett
Category: Polling Place Published: March 2020
Sen. Sanders argues for some of the methods employed by communist parties throughout the years, like a universal literacy program. However, the same goals can be accomplished under other types of government.
Russian Rerun? Gail Ellis
Category: Polling Place Published: September 2020
"While there isn't a silver bullet solution that can fully address and prevent election interference in the digital era, some portions of U.S. and international law may offer some relief."
What Am I Bid? Jane M. Orient
Category: Polling Place Published: November 2019
"Both the promised benefits and the enormity of the crisis are up for bid. Voters are promised Medicare for All, student debt forgiveness, free child care, free parental leave, and guaranteed income--for starters."