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Addicted to Temptation Antoine Kanamugire
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: September 2018
It is human nature to seek out what is most pleasurable, enjoyable, and least difficult; only when we are following a greater purpose to achieve our goals do we choose to take a more-difficult path.
Diagnostic Dishonesty Jane M. Orient
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: January 2020
A self-appointed "Independent Expert Panel for Presidential Fitness" should concern all Americans. Congressional Democrats, mainstream news media, and this panel are determined to achieve "regime change."
Going "Mental" Over Guns Richard E. Vatz
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: May 2018
"Getting serious about diminishing school shootings does not mean frenetically diving for a meaningless metaphor like 'mental health.'"
Let's Be Different This Year
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: November 2018
There are Christmas cards that have to be sent and gifts that need to be bought. Add in extra baking, cooking, unhealthy eating, and overindulgence in alcohol, and you could be looking at a prolonged headache that will not go away.
Phasing Back . . . Maybe . . . Charles Herrick
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: July 2020
"If you choose to be more cautious because you are part of a high-risk group--or for any other reason--it is reasonable to wait to see how reopening goes before resuming activities in public."
The (Psycho) Resistance Richard E. Vatz
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: March 2018