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A Declaration of Linguistic Independence Richard Lederer
Category: Words & Images Published: March 2011
Sixteen years before he became the nation's second president, John Adams proclaimed, "English is destined to be in the next and succeeding centuries more generally the language of the world than Latin was in the last or French is in the present age."
Diagnosis: Dereliction of Duty Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Words & Images Published: May 2018
"The Democrats' one-size-fits-all solution--more government control with more restrictions of citizens' rights--is the same for every diagnosis, whether the problem is with banking, medical care, or violent behavior."
Fake Research for Fake News Sarab Kochhar
Category: Words & Images Published: March 2018
Lions and Tigers and . . . Cougars? Oh My! Sarah Zay
Category: Words & Images Published: November 2010
"While independence can help create a confident older woman, it is the physical appearance that propels them to cougarhood. . . . It is all about the looks."
Seeking a Higher Order of Communication Geoffrey Tumlin
Category: Words & Images Published: September 2016
"By focusing on what you want to accomplish instead of what you want to say, you will keep your conversational goal in its rightful place--above your feelings in terms of priority."
The #MeToo Backlash Karla Jo Helms
Category: Words & Images Published: July 2018
The #MeToo movement has been effective in raising awareness of sexual misconduct in the workplace--and that was needed, but without a new solution being proffered other than penalizing the offenders, it has moved to stoke fear, suspicion, and insecurity.
What Sticks & Stones Can't Do, Facebook Will--and More! Sarah Zay
Category: Words & Images Published: March 2011
". . . Cyber bullying . . . is faceless, impersonal, humiliating, demeaning, and potentially dangerous to a teenager's mental health."