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A New War Footing Jonathan W. Emord
Category: World Watcher Published: November 2017
"[North Korea] functions in a thuggish, uncivilized manner. Its actions invite both a conventional and an unconventional response. Pres. Donald Trump can learn much from Winston Churchill, who faced a comparable threat from the Nazis as prime minister."
Containing Putin's Russia Ronald E. Powaski
Category: World Watcher Published: September 2017
Using the same rationale that Hitler used in occupying Czechoslovakia's Sudentenland in 1938--the alleged need to protect the country's German minority--Putin claimed the right to intervene in Ukraine & neighboring countries to protect ethnic Russians.
Mending Our Ways? Alisa Zomer
Category: World Watcher Published: March 2018
Obama Doctrine in Disarray Frank Vernuccio Jr.
Category: World Watcher Published: May 2016
"[The] lack of response to the obvious failure of the Administration's foreign and defense policies indicates either an inability to acknowledge a reality that differse from its ideology, or an adherance to a worldview that Americans find both dangerous…"