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Follow the "Bright Line" Susan Pierce Thompson
Category: Mind & Body Published: September 2017
After kicking my drug habit, I had my life back on track. I had rebuilt trust with my family. Still, if you think we are anywhere close to a happy ending, I am guessing you have no idea what it takes to live under the tyranny of food addiction.
Foregoing Fat for a Profit Merilee Kern
Category: Mind & Body Published: March 2016
"…Dieting for dollars has come of age to the extent that large-scale corporate wellness programs and entire school districts and municipalities have embraced this approach."
Getting a Makeover without Appearing "Made Over" Kristy Murrow
Category: Mind & Body Published: March 2016
"Nothing beats the power of natural-looking beauty. This is why nonsurgical tereatments with natural-looking results are a viable option."
Meditation and Margaritas Karin Roest
Category: Mind & Body Published: September 2017
Study after study shows that, very soon, women will become the driving force in the workplace and in the entrepreneurial world. It is time to accept the role now and be one of the inspiration people who makes these predictions a reality.
Once Upon a Lifetime Rizi Timane
Category: Mind & Body Published: January 2015
". . . For time immemorial, this is how transgender individuals existed: in the shadows, peeking out only once in a while to see who else was out there, and then, finding no one, ducking right back into hiding."
The Zen of Huffing and Puffing Dana Ayers
Category: Mind & Body Published: September 2017
When I run in nasty weather instead of staying inside wearing furry slippers, I get to feel pride. Sometimes it is hard to find chances to prove ourselves in modern daily life--I think running gives us that chance.
Trying to Conceive After Pregnancy Loss
News View Category: Mind & Body Published: April 2016