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Americans Abroad Warren Jaferian
Category: Travel Wise Published: September 2021
Tourism-dependent economies, while eager to welcome Americans back, have suffered from strict, persistent lockdowns, and continue to face travel restrictions. Europeans are more collectivist and more readily accept mask mandates and other restrictions.
No "High" way to Heaven Joe Young
Category: Travel Wise Published: January 2022
"[The] combined-use numbers could help explain why crash rates have increased. Legalization may be encouraging more people to drink and use marijuana together."
Travel in the Age of COVID Fran Maier
Category: Travel Wise Published: July 2020
"Whether it is a vacation you want after days upon days at home or some good old-fashioned, much-needed extended family time, [here is] a list of helpful coronavirus travel tips and tricks for getting around safely. . . "
Women Drivers More at Risk Joe Young
Category: Travel Wise Published: July 2021
"Though men are involved in more fatal crashes than women, on a per-crash basis, women are 20% to 28% more likely than men to be killed and 37% to 73% more likely to be seriously injured. . . ."