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Pandemic Makes a Hard Left Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Under the Microscope Published: November 2021
"Pres. Joe Biden and his cohorts expect Americans to give up their freedoms and accept official mandates in servile and robotic obeisance."
Somebody Is Listening Daniel Markuson
Category: Under the Microscope Published: September 2021
Smart speakers may be quite popular, but they do engage certain vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to privacy. They permanently store everything we ask them to do or search.
The "One-and-a-Half Bind" Michael Parker
Category: Under the Microscope Published: July 2018
The underrepresentation of women and minorities in STEM fields is a huge concern to policymakers and is the focus of many commissions and initiatives. Minority women face the strain of balancing careers and famiiles, and upholding their cultural roles.