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A Dying Breed Chris Sajnog
Category: American Thought Published: May 2016
"With half of society confused about which bathroom to use, our culture needs more people like us. So, stand up with me and, while we are gathered around the fire eating red meat, let us talk about the traits you will need to join the warrior class."
A Quest for the "Right Kind" of Education A.C. Grayling
Category: Education Published: May 2016
"…Understanding is the step beyond knowledge, and is the final and highest target of the educational empire."
American Artists View the Great War
Category: USA Yesterday Published: May 2016
"Many of the artists featured worked for the Fed. Government's Division of Pictorial Publicity, a unit of the Committee on Public Information, [which] focused on promoting recruitment, bond drives, home-front service, troop support, and camp libraries."
Can We Smack Down Smack? Ronald Santasiero , Cherie Santasiero
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2016
"Statistically, if someone tries to quit heroin addiction cold turkey without any help, that individual has about a three in 1,000 chance of staying clean for one year. With substitution therapy and intensive counseling, the success rate is 80% to 85%."
Defining Sexy--A New Revolution Is Underway Al Spry
Category: Social Media Published: May 2016
"Something as seemingly innocuous as a photo of a woman's bare legs…or simple cleavage may send one person into conniption--or just get a simple shrug of the shoulders, or less, from another."
Farewell to the Field of Innocence Jack Estes
Category: The World Yesterday Published: May 2016
"Jimmy…has hit a booby trap and quickly brought me to my first glimpse of what heroes look like. It was like someone has pounded and hammered on hisfoot, crushing the bone, splintering it, tearing the flesh and ripping it from his leg."
Handmaidens of Unhappiness: Stress and Pressure Colleen O'Grady
Category: Education Published: May 2016
"Being threatened, yelled at, or shamed is not inspiring. Beign praised for what has been accomplished provides the encouragement [for teenagers] to keep trying."
How Statistical Analytics Has Changed Sports Peter Dizikes
Category: Athletic Arena Published: May 2016
"One way to look at…analytics is as a series of battles over the right way to understand sports. You might call these games within games…"
Is the GOP "Too Dumb to Fail"? Raymond L. Fischer
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2016
Keep in mind that "the converse of 'too dumb to fail' is 'too smart to win.' " So, can the Republican Party avoid becoming a "permanent minority"?
It Is About Religion Andrew C. McCarthy
Category: Natonal Affairs Published: May 2016
"…We must deal with the facts of Islamic supremacism, because its jihadist legions have every intention of dealing with us, but we can defeat them only if we resolve to see them for what they are."
Middle-Aged Wipeout from White Plague James W. Thomson
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2016
"…Non-Hispanic white Americans aged 45-54 [have] experienced an unexpected, and highly significant, increase in mortality…"
Nixon Could Keep a Secret Diana Klebanow
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2016
"Was is wrong for a prominent politicain to hide the fact that he fathered a child out of wedlock?"
Obama Doctrine in Disarray Frank Vernuccio Jr.
Category: World Watcher Published: May 2016
"[The] lack of response to the obvious failure of the Administration's foreign and defense policies indicates either an inability to acknowledge a reality that differse from its ideology, or an adherance to a worldview that Americans find both dangerous…"
Pushing on Through Kat Loterzo
Category: Business & Finance Published: May 2016
"…Decide what you want, and go get it. Never forget that life is now--press play."
Searching for Thrills--While Staying Safe--at Theme Parks Pete Trabucco
Category: Entertainment Published: May 2016
"You have a one in 100,000,000 chance of dying on a thrill ride, so have fun and enjoy yourself. You most likely will walk off the ride unscathed and maybe even want to ride again."
Slumber in Short Supply Jo Frost
Category: Life in America Published: May 2016
"While we cannot necessarily make our workdays shorter or push a button to reduce our stress level, we can still enjoy the long and blissful sleep we deserve."
Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go Mike Gellman
Category: Business & Finance Published: May 2016
"there are many commonly-held career myths trhat employees cling to, and there seems to be a silent comfort in holding onto them."
Spring Clean Your Filter for Juicy Joy Lisa McCourt
Category: Psychology Published: May 2016
"Adjusting your filter by clearing up your judgements of yourself and others will have blissful ripple effects you cannot even imagine."
The Angst of Aiding Aging Parents Merilee Kern
Category: Life in America Published: May 2016
"Seeing that they go somewhere that offers assistance, socialization, and activites can help cure the loneliess and put them back on track to a more fulfilling, active, and engaged life"
The Consciousness of Animals Dale Peterson
Category: The Environment Published: May 2016
"[Giraffes, among other] animals…are creatures with awareness and minds. They are conscious beings, as we are, and the logical, legal, social, moral, and religious ramifications of this likely truth are just beginning to emerge."
The Emasculation of Our Close-Combat Forces Denny Gillem
Category: Armed Forces Published: May 2016
"Women have served in our military for generations and are doing so now, honorabnly and will. They have also been serving in combat for decades-competently and bravely. However, there is a difference between serving in combat and serving in close combat."
The Goergia Peach, in Many Ways, Was Just That Charles Leerhsen
Category: Literary Scene Published: May 2016
"In [Ty] Cobb's case, [false] repetition not only has destroyed a man's reputation, it has obliterated a real story that is more interesting than the myth."
Time to Stop the Plurality Aaron Hamlin
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2016
"…We are using a terrible method of voting to make critical decisions that affect the lives of millions of people."
Why Trump Will Triumph Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2016
"[Voters] want a nation secured by impervious borders and a robust Second Amendment. [Donald] Trump champions those causes proudly--without qualification, apology, or politically correct language."
Women Still Wondering When All Will Be Equal Clea Simon , Christina Pazzanese
Category: Economics Published: May 2016
"Awareness…always is the first step down a better path."