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Cannibalism Among the Stars Judith Braffman-Miller
Category: Science & Technology Published: July 2016
"A team of astronomers [has] announced that they [have] discovered a small substellar 'failure' called a brown dwarf that once had been a true star--before it was ravaged by its hungry white dwarf companions."
Dinosaurs Among Us
Category: Science & Technology Published: July 2016
An exhibition explores the link between birds--living dinosaurs--and their extinct ancestors.
Finding the Right Hires for the Health Care Industry Jason Leverant
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2016
"…Turnover rates for the health care industry often are higher than the national averages for other job sectors…"
Happy 100th to America's Great Outdoors Sally Jewell
Category: Ecology Published: July 2016
"The National Park Service's centennial is about inspiring people--from all ages and all backgrounds and all walks of life--to love the great outdoors."
In Katrina's Wake Mark Klinedinst
Category: The Environment Published: July 2016
"To many in the Katrina zone, recovery became the strom after the strom."
Keep Those Questions Coming Victoria Ryan O'Toole
Category: Life in America Published: July 2016
"…Curiosity is something that your children were born with. Your job is to learn how to foster and encourage your offspring's natural impulses to ask questions and learn new things."
Miracle at Fenway Mark Oristano
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2016
"…Which is the better memory [for Andrew Madden]: the fact that he had a new heart, or that he threw out the first pitch at a World Series game?"
Mislabeling the Military's Mental Health Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Psychology Published: July 2016
"The conundrum of diagnoses and the risk of damage to one's life explain why some military personnel are suspicious about seeking mental health treatment."
Muddying the Waters Kathleen Fultz
Category: Ecology Published: July 2016
"Replacing water infrastructure is the ultimate goal for alleviating many of the water-quality issues plaguing the nation…"
Picking the Right College Courses Jeremy S. Hyman , Lynn F. Jacobs
Category: Education Published: July 2016
"Going from high school or the professional realm to college can be a steep learning curve with ltos of adjustments, so it is a good idea to leave yourself some margins on time and energy while you get into the swing of things."
Seeking Common Ground…Civilly Gerald M. Haran Jr.
Category: American Thought Published: July 2016
"For their many warts, both Sanders and Trump are serving as proof that 'We the People' believe the establishment is in need of a good old-fashioned audit…"
Take Me Out to the Ballfields David Jerome
Category: Athletic Arena Published: July 2016
"Every day that the [Chicago] Cubs had a home game, I would head down to Wrigleyville and do a little pregame elbow-bending with some of the Windy City's most faithful fans…"
The China Syndrome Peter Dizikes
Category: Economics Published: July 2016
"[Economic research] is meant to speak to interested policymakes and reinforce the idea that trade policy is not just an issue that stands apart from larger issues concerning the social fabric of the U.S."
The Many Misgivings of "Black Lives Matter" Heather Mac Donald
Category: National Affairs Published: July 2016
"I do not know what will end the current frenzy against the police. What I do know is that we are playing with fire and, if it keeps spreading, it will be hard to put out."
The Ultimate Squanderer Josh Bernstein
Category: Political Landscape Published: July 2016
Hopeless and changeless--how Barack Obama wasted both terms of his historic presidency.
Transformative Trauma Jos-Madelaine Standing
Category: Psychology Published: July 2016
"The self that lies within us is a cornucopia of ideas, new beginnings, and adventures to be lived. It always is our own choice whether or not to connect to this great and unconquerable self."
Where Do We Go from Here? Raymond L. Fischer
Category: Political Landscape Published: July 2016
"A work of conscience and duty, Crisis Point sounds an alarms at a time that faith in government has fallen to an all-time low."
Why Men and Women Should not Be Treated Equally Beate Chelette
Category: Business & Finance Published: July 2016
"…Equality means 'same'…The conversation needs to shift from equality to balance."