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Black Lies Matter Diana Klebanow
Category: Life in America Published: September 2016
According to the US Dept. of Justice, "The media has widely reported that there is a witness testimony that [Michael] Brown said 'don't shoot' as he held his hands above his head. In fact, our investigation did not reveal any eyewitness who stated…"
Branded Karen Leland
Category: Political Landscape Published: September 2016
"A standout style-be it a brash Trump or a competent Clinton-is a plus, but it only will take you so far. At some point, going beyond standing for what you believe in and specifically letting people you how you will get there will become a central issue."
Brexit's Red Tape Challenge Christopher Hopkins
Category: Worldview Published: September 2016
"…It seems highly doubtful that the UK will want--or be able--to adopt a significantly different approach [to economic crime, export sanctions and controls, health and safety, or the environment] at least for the forseeable future."
Bunny to Buster: Beyond Just Bookends to Silent Film Comedy Wes D. Gehring
Category: Entertainment Published: September 2016
"While [John] Bunny helped inaugurate the silent screen clown, Buster Keaton later became the only real artistic rival to Charlie Chaplin's alter ego Tramp."
Car Care for the Confused Pam Oakes
Category: Marketplace Published: September 2016
"Autotmotive technology has its own language, its own way of life--and today it is moving faster than at any time in the history of four wheels on the road."
Climate Change Shenanigans Gerald E. Marsh
Category: Public Policy Published: September 2016
"…The climate modeling community is very confident that its models are adequate to be a basis for public policy dicisions, despite its illegitimacy of ensemble averaging and the deficiencies with regard to the second law of thermodynamics."
Critical of Clinton Criticism Beate Chelette
Category: Law & Justice Published: September 2016
"[Hillary] has a long track record of accomplishments; her stance on women's issues is exemplary; and it is time to change the political landscape from 95% maen and five percent women to something more balanced."
Establishing Integrity Merilee Kern
Category: Marketplace Published: September 2016
"Far too many companies are churnign out traditional sales lingo with fluff and vague, or entirely overinflated, claims, spending paltry little time and energy establishing credibility with prospective customers…:
Execution (not Info) Is Power Brian P. Moran , Michael Lennington
Category: Business & Finance Published: September 2016
"Most people look back and realize that, with all of their efforts not to miss anything, they were missing everything…Results are not the attainment of greatness, but simply confirmation of it."
From Two-a-Days to Game Day Robert A. Panariello
Category: Athletic Arena Published: September 2016
"As [strength and conditioning] coaches, we perform all types of testing and training with our athletes, but the most important test often missed is: 'Can the athlete play?' "
Going Up Vickie L. Milazzo
Category: Business & Finance Published: September 2016
"…Are [you] ready to jump on the elevator and push the 'break the glass ceiling' button with your fellow women…?"
Horror Only a Soldier Can Know Jack Estes
Category: Literary Scene Published: September 2016
"You'll be on the line someday, crossing an empty chunk of desert, assaulting a bombed-out village, and your best buddy will get shot in the throat. You won't have time to stop and cry. You'll be firing back, thanking God it isn't your butt laying there…"
Lawbreaker Extraordinaire Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Law & Justice Published: September 2016
"[Hillary] Clinton plainly violated the Espionage Act. Indeed, for 110 individual violations-the most committed by any American with the possible exception of Edward Snowden-the statute in question would require Clinton to be fined, imprisoned, or both."
Making Products that Sell Themselves Dan Adams
Category: Business & Finance Published: September 2016
"There is no substitute for building solid business relationships based on the delivery of real value and, in a sluggish economy, they are the only kind of relationships any of us can afford."
Making Waves Einstein's Way Judith Braffman-Miller
Category: Science & Technology Published: September 2016
"Gravitational wave astronomy is an emerging field that uses gravitational waves in order to obtain precious observational information concerning bodies (such as neutron stars and black holes), supernovae blasts, and cosmological processes…"
Never-Before-Seen Early Arbus
Category: Focus Published: September 2016
"The photographs from [Diane Arbus'] early career reveal that the slaient characteristics of her work--its centrality, boldness, and apparent artlessness--were present in her pictures since the very beginning."
Nurturing the Relationship Between Responsibilities and Benefits Clarence Thomas
Category: American Thought Published: September 2016
"Today, when it seems that grievance rather than responsibility is the main means of elevation…there is much more focus on our rights and on what we are owed, adnmuch less on our obligations and duties…"
Plenty to Beef About John J. Berger
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: September 2016
"Aided and abetted by a short-sighted Feredal farm policy, Big Ag treats cows barbarously, even as it ruins some of the best soil on the planet, destroys irreplacable aquifers, fills the air with warming gases, …"
Ready…Fire…Aim Alan Gottlieb
Category: Law & Justice Published: September 2016
"In her nominating acceptance speech, Clinotn insisted that, 'I'm not here to take away your guns.' After what FBI Director James Comey revealed about Clinotn's veracity regarding her emails, should any gunowner believe her?"
Regulatory Fatigue Stacey English , Susannah Hammond
Category: Business & Finance Published: September 2016
More regulations and fewer resources are squeezing financial complaince teams.
Seeking a Higher Order of Communication Geoffrey Tumlin
Category: Words & Images Published: September 2016
"By focusing on what you want to accomplish instead of what you want to say, you will keep your conversational goal in its rightful place--above your feelings in terms of priority."
Send in the Clowns Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: September 2016
"Peddling illusions and divisions is toxic to a democracy. Is there any statesmanship to be found in these candidates? Is it too much to ask that one attempt to find common ground to repair our divided country?..."
Time Waits for No Woman Rachel Lehmann-Haupt
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2016
"I don’t want to have a baby right now but, ever since my relationship ended, the pressure has been growing to find Mr. Right. It hasn't happened yet, and I feel it's time to consider my options…"
Waking Up College Admissions Gabrielle Glancy
Category: Education Published: September 2016
"A personnal essay?--most students never even have seen one, let alone been taught how to write one. In fact, most do not know what a personal essay is."
Woes of Welfare Phil Harvey , Lisa Conyers
Category: Life in America Published: September 2016
"One worrying aspect of today's welfare system is the extent to which benefits are provided to those who do not meet the federal definition of poverty."