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1917: How One Year Changed the World
Category: The World Yesterday Published: March 2017
"…the US entry ino the Great War, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the issuing of the Balfour Declaration brought about political, cultural, and social changes that dramatically reshaped the US's role in the world and directly affected everyday Americans…"
Alpha Male vs. Alpha Female Tara Richter
Category: Psychology Published: March 2017
"We call a dominant woman a 'Carnivore female' and a weak man 'Herbivore male.' The population of 'Carnivore females' is increasing and marriage rates are going down because 'Herbivore males' don't want to be eaten."
Changing the World One Pose at a Time Therea Anne Power
Category: Athletic Aerna Published: March 2017
"The second annual International Kids Yoga Day is set for April 7, and all 50 states are represented, as well as two dozen countries."
Gmae On!!! Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: March 2017
"No Administration in recent history has confronted as much animosity as the Trump Administration. The vitriol is coming from a triumvirate of elites: Hollywood and New York celebrities; the major media outlets…Donald Trump…welcomes the fight."
Inspired by Athena and Aided by Facebook Rosalia Schabauer , Karla Inchingalo
Category: Social Media Published: March 2017
An Internet search took a pair fo strangers to sisters, roommates, and business partners.
It's Not a Wash Joe Caspermeyer
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: March 2017
"The widespread use of antimicrobial compounds offers no measurable benefit for the average consumer, yet creates a legacy of pollution that can be traced back for half a century in the sediments of our drinking water resources."
Let's Negotiate Eldonna Lewis Fernandez
Category: Business & Finance Published: March 2017
"Understanding these nine archetypes and discerning where you tend to fall, how other people are categorized in relation to you, and how to capitalize on a different type of personality approach is a tremendous asset to your negotiation arsenal."
Love Hurts--and So Does Betrayal Ketima Whitehall
Category: Psychology Published: March 2017
"If I am not emotionally invested in the relationship, and instrinsically concerned with seeing my partner happy, I might hear what he is saying, but I will not care what he is talking about."
Modern Medicine Mess Elizabeth Lee Vliet , Marilyn Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: March 2017
Before the arrival of the Trump Administration, 'the political elites…'disconnected' the natural regulatory mechanism of price signals and consumers making voluntary decisions about the use of their own money…"
Obama Wasn't No FDR Si Sheppard
Category: USA Yesterday Published: March 2017
"…The cycle is complete. Under Roosevelt, the Democrats seized the political center, while under Obama, they have been reduced to the periphery."
Science's Confusion Concerning the Origin of Life Moshie Averick
Category: Religion Published: March 2017
"It is high time for scientists to start vigorously reminding themselves that science only is meaningful in its role as a servant of truth. Truth is not a servant of science and certainly not a servant of atheism."
Smile, and the Sun Will Come Shining Through Rich Castellano
Category: Psychology Published: March 2017
"Are you going to…live in the captivity of an autoplot mind? Break through the bars; take the smile challenge to heart; find your smile buddies; and claim the freedom, happiness, and smiling in your life now."
Surviving a Pisces Mary English
Category: Astrology Published: March 2017
"My love affair was beautiful, passionate, and intense. I'd never felt so treasured, and I've never felt that way again. I did, however, feel cheapened by it when I found out how much of a womanizer he was."
Take Me Out to the "Song" Park
Category: Athletic Arena Published: March 2017
The exhibition "Baseball's Greatest Hits: The Music of Our National Game" serves as a perfect companion to the start of spring training.
Take That, Wine Snobs Eileen Reynolds
Category: Life in America Published: March 2017
"People tend to feel guilty when they like the cheapest one, but that's actually awesome. It saves you a lot of bucks."
The "Write" Way to Show Gratitude Lynette M. Smith
Category: Psychology Published: March 2017
"Your bonus will be enhanced relationships--a plus for you and every person who receives on eof your heartfelt letters."
The Asia Pivot: Problems, Problems, Problems Doug Bandow
Category: The World Today Published: March 2017
Can Pres. Donald Trump succeed where the Obama Administration failed?--by employing China to help reel in a burgeoning (and unstable) nuclear threat in North Korea.
The Grave Is a Gateway Charles W. Kegley , Debra J. Kegley
Category: Literary Scene Published: March 2017
"Our fall into the depth had lifted us to new heights, in much the same way that, ironically, knowledge that we will die makes us treasure life. Our unlikely surprise gift almost made us wonder if a stroke bringing us down was a small price to pay…"
The Great Unraveling Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Political Landscape Published: March 2017
"The measure of success for the Trump Administration hinges on rapid accomplishment of the President's campaign promises. Achieving those promises entails a great unraveling of all that was Obama."
The Heat Is On Peter L. Ward
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: March 2017
"Climate models…overestimate the role of greenhouse gases and underestimate the role of ozone depletion."
Trump's Triumph Should Show the Way Larry P. Arn
Category: American Thought Published: March 2017
"…the government has grown so large that it is a major factor in everything, including elections, and is in the position of taking on a will of its own….Trump has addressed this problem more directly than anyone since Ronald Reagan…"
Trumping Obama on Cuba James A. Nathan
Category: Worldview Published: March 2017
"On the morrow of Casto's death, Trump tweeted: 'If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people, and the US as a whole, I will terminate the [Obama] deal."
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Friend or Foe? Matthew Feeney
Category: Law & Justice Published: March 2017
"Drones the size of insects already exist, and we should expect surveillance equipment to be attached to such drones as technology improves--giving new meaning to the expression, 'I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.' "
When Rhetoric Wanders in Wacky Ways Richard E. Vatz
Category: Political Landscape Published: March 2017
"For months leading up to the election, it was difficult to find significant observers of the Democratic left who were excited by Clinton becoming president. In addition, it was nearly impossible to find responsible figures who defended Trump's attacks."
Your Cheatin' Heart Femi Ogunjinmi
Category: Psychology Published: March 2017
"…Women cheat because of an issue in the relationship and men cheat because there is an opportunity."