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"Teaching" Social Justice Elliott Peppers
Category: Life in America Published: May 2017
"The end of Jim Crow is not the end of structural racism. It is one iteration of it. While it is a great victory, it is not the end of the story."
All in the Family Brian Greenberg
Category: Business & Finance Published: May 2017
There are ways to deal with what can be the malignant mindsets of those running family firms.
Bravery at the Battle of the Bulge Alice M. Flynn
Category: Armed Forces Published: May 2017
"Hosingen [Luxembourg] was the last known town held by the 110th to surrender…Out of 300 Americans, there has been just seven killed and 10 wounded, while inflicting an estimated 2,000 casualties on the Germans, including more tha 300 killed."
Dance that Adapts to Disabilities Jill Anderson , Iman Rastegari
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"In special education, there is stil a tendecny to define students and their needs using only their label, and that really oversimplifies who they are, how they learn, and what is necessary for them to succeed."
How Intelligence Works (When it Does) Herbet E. Meyer
Category: National Affairs Published: May 2017
"Good intellingece is a combination of information and insight. Information is the raw material, while insight is the finished product."
Jamming Up Sex Traffic Erin Barton
Category: Life in America Published: May 2017
"…There is no such thing as a child prostitute. Minors used for sex by adults are, by definition, abuse victims. Pimps are, by definition, human traffickers. 'Johns' are, by definition, child rapists. Calling a survivor of child rape a prostitute…"
Pres. Photogenic
Category: Focus Published: May 2017
"No single politician was photographed more than [John F.] Kennedy--from his first congressional bid as a decorated war hero in 1946; fairytale marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953; run for the White House in 1960 …"
President vs. Press Sophia A. Nelson
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2017
'…The free press today seems to be much more concerned with punditry, opining, and celebrity than bringing government abuse to light."
Relying on--or Recoiling from--Reproductive Enhancement Philippa Levine
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"There are some who think that a world without flaws not only is desirable, but that parents bear a responsibility to improve human sock using our current technology…"
Repeal vs. Reality Jane M. Orient
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2017
"We had hopes that AHCA--if properly amended--would have been a wedge of freedom rather than a weigh station on the road to a full crony capitalistic government takeover. The ultimate goal must still be the resoration of a free market."
Robbing the Middle Class Alieta Eck
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2017
"The No.1 recommendation woul be for patients with high deductibles to hide any connection with an insurance company and negotiate the best cash prices for services."
Sedentary Senate Tom McClintock
Category: Political Landscpae Published: May 2017
"Voters elected Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress and they expect action. They will get it from the president and the House of Representatives but, in order for the Senate to rise to this occasion, it must reform its rules."
Seeing Justice Done
Category: Law & Justice Published: May 2017
"The…illustrations on display represent court cases dating from 196 to the present day, including trials for muder, crime and corruption, terrorism, political activism, and landmark legal issues."
Still Resonating a Half-Century Later Fred Krebsbach
Category: Armed Forces Published: May 2017
"[During the Vietnam War] we literally lived in the mud, in rotted jungle swamps. Our clothes were rotted; our feet were rotted; we had lost all sense of smell; and we could not take our boots off anymore because our feet would swell up…"
TGI(TPRM) Raymond L. Fischer
Category: Politcal Landscape Published: May 2017
Pres. Donald (T)rump, Vice Pres. Mike (P)ence, House Speajer (P)aul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch (M)cConnell can reverse the "disastrous politics of the Obama years" and the "continually growing administrative state."
The Administrative State on the Chopping Block Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Politcal Landscape Published: May 2017
"The President is doing more than any prior occupant of his office to end the era of government by bureaucratic oligarchy."
The Afforability Factor Adrian Ridner
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"…With a rising population of nontraditional students and a growing list of ways higher ed is not working, what can a student do to get the college education he or she deserves without drowning in debt?"
The Common Core Conundrum Heather Arabadjis
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"The short-term decisions we make for our children can have long-term effects…[By] preparing your children to take demanding, challenging tests at a young age, you are providing them with the experience they will need in the future."
The Long Road Back Bryan Carpenter
Category: Armed Forces Published: May 2017
"…Seeing IED explosion holes big enough to swallow my Humvee had me on high alert, but my driver's side tire barely nicked a pressure plate, which ignited a bomb that blew up right below my seat. This threw the vehicle 20 feet in the air…"
The Role of the School Board George A. Goens
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"There is a significant difference between opinion and knowledge, and information and understanding. Knowledge and understanding are prerequisites for responsible decision-making."
Triumph and Turmoil Claudia Hatt
Category: Athletic Arena Published: May 2017
"The whistle blows and the players are off and running. Your kid is actually one of the starters for a change, and your jaw drops to the ground--you have never seen such amazing skill from a seven-year-old…"
Trump Takes Up the Mantle of Old Hickory Thomas Chambers
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2017
"Time will reveal the final report card for the [Donald] Trump presidency, but [Andrew] Jackson may provide some hints."
What to Do About Junior Brent M. Wilsey
Category: Education Published: May 2017
"…You must have a full understanding of your financial situation" before sending your child off to college.