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"Over There" Becomes "Over Here"
Category: USA Yesterday Published: July 2017
"Although the US participated as a direct combattant in [World War I] from 1917-1918, the riveting posters, cartoons, fine art prints, and drawings on display chronicle this massive international conflict from its onset through its aftermath."
A River Runs Through It Stacy Morford
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: July 2017
"I hadn't appreciated what a fun little mountain stream the hudson starts out as--super-clear, cool water running over the rocks, and it makes that sound like laughing. It's so different fom the Hudson River we see in New York City."
A Treasure to Behold
Category: USA Yesterday Published: July 2017
This exhibition "explores the drafting of the Constitution in 1787, highlighting th ekey proposals and significant compromises that influenced the early drafts and shaped the document's final text."
Back on Top Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Worldview Published: July 2017
"Trump has reestablished that the US will no longer pursue an apology tour, nor…retreat from the defense of its vital national interests. The contrast with the Obama Administration's constant flogging of the American ideal…could not be more profund"
Battling Childhood Obesity Doug Werner
Category: American Thought Published: July 2017
"…Helicopter parents do not allow their kids to walk to school or ride bicycles without adult supervision, and the only pick-up football…games being played are from the comfort of a recliner in front of a video-game console…"
Chemical Weapons Conundrum Jane M. Orient
Category: Worldview Published: July 2017
"Some babies have dies horribly. How many will die, ostensibly, to avenge them?"
Disaster as Destiny
Category: Museums Today Published: July 2017
"The series speaks to the impermanence of all things. The largest cities, the biggest structures, the most powerful empires--everything dies."
Down These Mean Streets
Category: Focus Published: July 2017
"Rather than simply document blight, the photographers gathered here draw out the stories embedded in the physical environmetn in transformative ways."
Get Your Kicks… Drew Knowles
Category: Going Places Published: July 2017
"[Do not] plan to take charge of your Route 66 experience too precisely. Instead, plan for the adventure on route 66 to take charge of you."
Headlong Into Danger Howard Spiva
Category: Headlong into Danger Published: July 2017
"Even though helmets are a proven intervention that reduce the risk of bicycle-related head injuries by 80%, many American adults and children simply do not wear them."
How It All Began Angela P. Dodson
Category: Life in America Published: July 2017
"The suffragists publicized their cause through letters, tracts, and newspapers. Lecturers took long rides by stage coach, buggy, train, ferry, and ocean liner…"
How to Get Over It Svetlana Kogan
Category: Education Published: July 2017
"…The consequent chronic stress affecting the quality of [the disenchanted voter's] life..has been unprecedented, even now, eight months following the election."
How to--not What to--Think About Putin Christopher Caldwell
Category: Worldview Published: July 2017
"[Russia's President] has yet to become a symbol of national sovereignty in its battle with globalism. That turns out to be the big battle of our times. As our last election shows, that is true even here."
March On, Ladies Nora Drake
Category: Life in America Published: July 2017
"Right now, this movement [as illustrated by the Women's March on Washington] seems to be against something--the President--but is still in some ways searching for what it is for. This is in constrast to single-issue movements in the past…"
Minding the Middle East Elliot Peppers
Category: Worldview Published: July 2017
A former CIA agent, who was once charged with plotting to assassinate Saddam Hussein, shares narratives of his 40-year career as an intelligence and security specialist.
Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave… Alita Eck
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2017
"[Preferred Provider Organization Networks] often pay their doctors two to three times what Medicare pays, but it still looks like a significant discount on the explanation of benefits because the chargemaster or sticker prices for services is inflated…"
Politics Matter Heather Arabadjis
Category: Education Published: July 2017
"Because parents already have been educating their children about politics, it perhaps is more important than ever to keep them informed and engaged in the political process."
Shattering the Status Quo Merilee Kern
Category: Going Places Published: July 2017
Escalating game changers are impacting both leisure and business travelers.
Shut Up! Kimberly A. Strassel
Category: National Affairs Published: July 2017
"…Following the Citizens United ruling, the left settled on a new strategy. If it could no longer use speech laws against its opponents…it would threaten, harass, and intimidate its opponents out of participation."
The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn Raymond L. Fischer
Category: Political Landscape Published: July 2017
"Democrats go forward like a regiment, in lockstep; instinctively, they close ranks to 'prevail in political battles.' [They] use deception to conceal their goals and believe moral principles and laws apply, not to them selves, but to others…"
Thirsty Grass Elizaveta Litvak , Diane Pataki
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: July 2017
"Do you know how much water you use to irrigate your lawn?"
Wonderful Wetlands Blaine Friedlander
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: July 2017
"The Hudson River supports about 7,000 acres of tidal wetlands. The models project that, within the next 100 years, wetlands will increase approximately 8,100 to 10,900 acres."