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"Right" You Aren't Alieta Eck
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2017
"My 'right' to 'health care' diminishes your right to liberty--such as your right to use your own earnings to buy medical service you need to preserve your own life."
"Scripting" a Writing Revival Carew Papritz
Category: Education Published: September 2017
"Cursive handwriting is the creative canary in the coal mine--and it slowly is dying."
A Very Expensive Free Lunch Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2017
The estimated cost of California's proposed single-payer program would have been $400,000,000,000, while the state's total budget is $179,500,000,000.
American Artists Tackle the Gridiron
Category: Sportscene Published: September 2017
The exhibition is not meant to present a history of football--the development of rules and gradual changes in play, the history of teams or players--but instead offers a window to understanding themes central to American life, both past and current.
Beware the Red Zone Steve Kardian
Category: Education Published: September 2017
This is the period between September and Thanksgiving recess, when freshmen females are at the most-vulnerable time in their lives . . . for sexual assault. For returning sophomores, it is the second most-vulnerable time in their lives.
Blowin' in the Wind Terri Nintemann
Category: Storm Front Published: September 2017
Containing Putin's Russia Ronald E. Powaski
Category: World Watcher Published: September 2017
Using the same rationale that Hitler used in occupying Czechoslovakia's Sudentenland in 1938--the alleged need to protect the country's German minority--Putin claimed the right to intervene in Ukraine & neighboring countries to protect ethnic Russians.
Cops Should Not Play Jeopardy Darron Spencer
Category: Law Enforcement Published: September 2017
When police officers "force" a situation, negative results usually follow.
Does Pride Goeth Before. . . ? Andrea Estrada
Category: On the Couch Published: September 2017
Follow the "Bright Line" Susan Pierce Thompson
Category: Mind & Body Published: September 2017
After kicking my drug habit, I had my life back on track. I had rebuilt trust with my family. Still, if you think we are anywhere close to a happy ending, I am guessing you have no idea what it takes to live under the tyranny of food addiction.
Hurricane Perception Chris Emery
Category: The Environment Published: September 2017
Hurricanes may be worse, but experience, gender, and politics determine if you believe it.
If Given the Chance, the Dems Will Make the U.S. into a "Flabby Europe" Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: September 2017
A [Democratic-controlled] gov't will make the Obama Administration look like weak tea. The program will be to alter the political landscape so that nothing like the Trump Admin. Or, for that matter, any conservative administration, ever returns to power.
Living Lab for Sustainable Cities Erin Barton
Category: Frontier Horizons Published: September 2017
Meditation and Margaritas Karin Roest
Category: Mind & Body Published: September 2017
Study after study shows that, very soon, women will become the driving force in the workplace and in the entrepreneurial world. It is time to accept the role now and be one of the inspiration people who makes these predictions a reality.
Now That Sounds Positive David Miller
Category: Education Published: September 2017
"What students are telling us through their disruptive behavior is that they need extra help instruction, and better relationships in their school."
Oh, My Aching Back Howard VanEs , Rick Harvey
Category: Therapeutic Therapy Published: September 2017
Papa Was a Rolling Stone Richard E. Vatz
Category: Sociologically Speaking Published: September 2017
Putting Peer Pressure in its Place Allie Nicodemo
Category: Education Published: September 2017
The program Keepin' It REAL--an acronym for "refuse, explain, avoid, leave"--helps kids stay out of trouble.
Repeal but not Replace Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2017
"We should reject ObamaCare in totality, and 'replace' it not with additional government, but with no government at all."
Rock this Country
Category: Museums Today Published: September 2017
Shania Twain has sold more albums than any other female country artist in history. No wonder she was asked to perform at halftime of Super Bowl XXXVII.
Shop 'til Your Eyes Pop Emily Lahey
Category: Gone Shopping Published: September 2017
So, What Do You Believe? Nora Drake
Category: The Environment Published: September 2017
One major takeaway from the Yale Climate Opinion Maps is that many Americans feel removed from climate change, both in time and distance.
Speak Your Piece Cliff Maloney Jr.
Category: Law & Justice Published: September 2017
Stay Sharp this Semester Marc Airhart
Category: Hitting the Books Published: September 2017
Sticks "Trump" Carrots for North Korea Gerald E. Marsh
Category: Worldview Published: September 2017
"If the U.S. could make it clear to China that the consequence of inaction [concerning the curbing of North Korea] would be a nuclear-armed Japan, that might be an adedquate incentive."
Technology to the Rescue? Adrian Aumen
Category: Law Enforcement Published: September 2017
Researchers in the new Complex Social Interaction laboratory are using body-worn cameras and advanced scientific tools & techniques--e.g. data analytics, biometrics, etc--to examine complex factors that shape interactions b/n police and community members.
The Blight of ObamaCare Will not Vanish Jane M. Orient
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2017
We are moving toward the end-game of single payer. The system wants citizens to trade their freedom for the illusion of health care, but Americans soon will learn that freedom is of the greatest importance when life is at stake.
The Collapse of Fair-Minded Journalism Michael Goodwin
Category: Mass Media Published: September 2017
Pres. Trump is savaged like no other chief exec in memory. We are witnessing the total collapse of journalistic standards, with fairness and balance tossed overboard. Every story is an opinion masquerading as news, and every opinion runs against Trump.
The Crimson Tide's "CAST" Is Cresting Adam Jones , David Miller
Category: Athletic Arena Published: September 2017
Univ of Alabama's Integrative Center for Athletic Sport Technology draws on expertise from the fields of engineering, exercise science, health science, athletic training, nutrition, & kinesiology, giving researchers access to top-notch athletes.
The Elusive Easy-Peasy Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: September 2017
The Soft Warrior Spreads Her Wings Susan SurfTone
Category: Entertainment Published: September 2017
Dilee is never afraid to try something different, cross genres, or take things over the edge, and that's always fun. No boundaries or boxes.
The Zen of Huffing and Puffing Dana Ayers
Category: Mind & Body Published: September 2017
When I run in nasty weather instead of staying inside wearing furry slippers, I get to feel pride. Sometimes it is hard to find chances to prove ourselves in modern daily life--I think running gives us that chance.
There Actually Is a Way . . . Steven Trobiani
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2017
"The only true competitor to our health insurers are the employers who self-fund health care for their employees."
Which Way to Go? Louise Fleming
Category: Health Beat Published: September 2017
Why the Left Curses Cursive Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Education Published: September 2017
The failure to teach cursive to schoolchildren denies generations of youth the opportunity to appreciate an expressive form that is in every Anglo-American historical document before the age of the typewriter.
Words of Past Images Wes D. Gehring
Category: Reel World Published: September 2017