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"Permit" Safety on the Job Site Patrick Tarrant
Category: Construction Industry Published: November 2017
". . . We have an understaffed Federal agency with the power but not the resources, and . . . very vigilant and (some say) aggressive [local juristictions] with the resources by not the power to protect workers."
A New War Footing Jonathan W. Emord
Category: World Watcher Published: November 2017
"[North Korea] functions in a thuggish, uncivilized manner. Its actions invite both a conventional and an unconventional response. Pres. Donald Trump can learn much from Winston Churchill, who faced a comparable threat from the Nazis as prime minister."
A Novel View of Words and Their Artistic Impact
Category: Museums Today Published: November 2017
An exploration of Henry James' literary works and the visual arts.
Abandoning the Stereotypes Melissa Davies
Category: The Workplace Published: November 2017
"When we change how we perceive the veteran population and fulfill our obligation to be both patriots and good corporate citizens, the results can be astounding, profitable, and life-enriching for all."
Christmas, Dancing, and Motherhood--Spectacular! Melinda Farrell
Category: Entertainment Published: November 2017
"Sixteen years later, my life is much different than it was in my first season. I have a wonderful husband the the cutest baby boy. I am so excited to join the group of Rockette moms. These women have been so incredibly supporting throughout my journey."
Climate Change in the City Alec Gerlach
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: November 2017
The nation's mayors are assuming a nat'l & global leadership role to respond to climate change. We have no choice but to act now. We will continue to track the progress cities make in implementing carbon-reduction programs & meeting aggressive goals.
Deadly Exposure Dot Clayton
Category: USA Yesterday Published: November 2017
"[The Atomic Energy Commission] released the following information: 'Accidental release of radioactivity detected offsite only.' This most likely translates to 'more deadly radiation exposure to workers.' "
Duck, Duck, Goose Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: November 2017
Somehow the power to vote, own property, & be paid the same for the same work seems cast aside for the power to wear vagina hats in public, insist that tights are business trousers, & gain fame by posting indecent photos of oneself to [anti)social media.
Entertaining Lessons from the Movies Trace Kingham
Category: Event Planning Published: November 2017
"As Ellen Griswold famously said [in 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'], 'I don't know what to say, except it's Christmas and we're all in misery.' Make it your goal not to repeat the lessons of the Griswold family."
Giving Thanks Through the Centuries Melanie Kirkpatrick
Category: American Thought Published: November 2017
"Shades of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians sit at every American's Thanksgiving table, along with those of [George] Washington, [Abraham] Lincoln, [Sarah Josepha] Hale, and others who have enriched our Thanksgiving tradition. . . "
Hurricanes Bring Out the Bluster Bums Jane M. Orient
Category: Political Landscape Published: November 2017
"The climate-change agenda is all about restricting our energy supply to sources most vulnerable to destruction in a crisis."
Making Protection Paramount Robert Hohman
Category: Data Breaches Published: November 2017
"Threats are everywhere and hackers are more determined than ever to get at your data."
Perspiration Problems Angela Ballard
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2017
". . . Stress usually brings with it stress sweat, which tends to be particularly stinky, staining, and embarrassing."
Statue Rises for Frederick Douglass Lucas E. Morel
Category: National Affairs Published: November 2017
"He saw that the protection of specific groups or classes would lead government away from protecting individual rights and towards assigning benefits and burdens. 'I know of no rights of race,' he said, 'superior to the rights of humanity.'"
Sweating It Out Merilee Kern
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2017
"The extreme level of sweat production experienced with hyperhidrosis can disrupt all aspects of a student's life, from academic performance, recreational activities and relationships, to self-image and overall emotional well-being. . . . "
The Archive of Bob Adelman
Category: Focus Published: November 2017
"My life's work, in addition to being about race relations, is about the many and diverse social concerns in the great tradition of American documentary photography; poverty, mental illness, alcoholism, inadequate housing, the immigrant experience, etc."
The New World of Security Brad Miller
Category: Data Breaches Published: November 2017
The goal is to thwart intellectual property theft, such as a stolen formula or customer list; to comply with govt & industry regulations on protecting data; and to enforce end-user computing policies to avoid expensive lawsuits, such as sexual harassment.
Unerasable Jonathan W. Emord
Category: National Affairs Published: November 2017
"Those who would destroy monument after monument to rid the nation of a subset of ugly parts of history do us all a grave disservice. They ignore the truths contained in the closing admonition in [Pres. Abraham] Lincoln's second Inaugural Address."
Untapped Reserves Katharina Rick , Ivan Marten
Category: Back to Business Published: November 2017
"The percentage of women in the [oil and gas] industry's workforce drops over time and falls particularly sharply--from 25% to 17%--between the middle-management and senior-leadership career stages."
What's Life Without Music?
Category: Literary Scene Published: November 2017
The stories span across decades of experiences, mirroring our lives with music--how we come to experience music for the first time, how we grow with music, how music helps us to understand the world around us, the many ways music can help us heal. . .
Woe Is the Therapeutic Culture Robert J. Bresler
Category: State of the Nation Published: November 2017
"We [have been] taking a vacation from history that can never last."
Year-End Yips Charles Read
Category: Business & Finance Published: November 2017
"Not only are [small business owners] trying to end the year strong with their sales and profits, but they are beginning to worry about year-end reporting, W-2 and 1099 preparation, and tax season."