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A Breath of Fresh Air Jane M. Orient
Category: Political Landscape Published: March 2018
"Pres. Donald Trump has the climate alarmists--including the Pope--in a sweat over his undoing of Obama's energy policies."
A Contagious New Neighbor Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Health Beat Published: March 2018
A Tale of Trauma Susan Mattern
Category: Literary Scene Published: March 2018
"It especially was hard to believe our experience: a mountain lion had leapt out and grabbed our daughter by the head. Every time I talked about it, I felt like I was reciting some story from a book."
Ae Dems "Putin" Us On? Robert J. Bresler
Category: State of the Nation Published: March 2018
An Alphabet of Stress Michael R. Butner
Category: Psychology Published: March 2018
In my grandfather's day, these symptoms were called shell shock. In my father's day, they were called combat fatigue. PTSD sums up the sudden experience of hyper-awareness and -anxiety; feelings of isolation and threat; panic; flashbacks; nightmares. . .
Coverage Is Not Care G. Keith Smith
Category: Medicine & Health Published: March 2018
". . . The 'cash' price for many medications at your local pharmacy is less than the co-pay if you are using your 'coverage' to buy these same medications. . . . You arebetter off claiming to be uninsured when you buy certain pharmaceuticals."
Embedded in the Natural World Kelsey Wharton
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: March 2018
"Unlike traditional infrastructure, resilient infrastructure is designed with dynamic environments in mind."
Fake Research for Fake News Sarab Kochhar
Category: Words & Images Published: March 2018
Feeling the Heat Julie Cohen
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: March 2018
"Northern cities . . . Face the potential for flooding as global temperatures continue to warm."
Health Care--by Community Jim Rickards
Category: Medicine & Health Published: March 2018
"Can [coordinated care organizations] work anywhere? [They] certainly can improve things anywhere."
Hitch Had His "Doubts" Wes D. Gehring
Category: Reel World Published: March 2018
Home on the Range Kim Baker
Category: The Environment Published: March 2018
". . . When you see a prairie dog town, remember there is more than meets the eye. Most is underground and the drama that unfolds both day and night is better than any reality TV show."
Isolated, Excluded, Ignored Patricia Komar
Category: Literary Scene Published: March 2018
There are stages victims go through as they're being [job]mobbed. First there's suspicion; next comes hurt; and then the victims become so distraught they seek counseling for depression. They socially withdraw and suffer panic attacks.
Last Place Laments Wayne M. Barrett
Category: Sports Scene Published: March 2018
Lead On Asoka N. Jinadasa
Category: Business & Finance Published: March 2018
"We are leaving the old way of thinking and leadership with its overdependence on the logical mind. A new kind of thinking is awakening, characterized by a balance between rationality and intuition."
Leonard Bernstein: The Power of Music Ivy Weingram
Category: Focus Published: March 2018
What did it mean for a man who proudly wore many badges of American identity--a New England upbringing, a Harvard degree, classical music, and Broadway bona fides--to have his loyalty to the U.S. called into question?
Mending Our Ways? Alisa Zomer
Category: World Watcher Published: March 2018
Murder by Thought Marianne Clyde
Category: Psychology Published: March 2018
"Factionalizing groups of people by race, ideology, mental health status, religion, or belief systems simply does not work."
Ocean Cycles, Not Humans, Likely Behind Climate Change Anastasios Tsonis
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: March 2018
". . . Most of the changes in the global climate over the period of instrumental record seem to have their origins in the North Atlantic. This has profound implications for the way we view calls for climate alarm."
One Excuse After Another Tom Panaggio
Category: Business & Finance Published: March 2018
"Planning is a good thing. However, for many entrepreneurs, the solution to avoiding the risk of reality is to keep planning."
Remembering the Battle of the Bulge Charley Valera
Category: The World Yesterday Published: March 2018
"Soldiers were malnourished and freezing, and even trucks and tanks were stopped dead in their tracks from fuel starvation. Everything was going wrong for both sides."
Ring Out the Broken Promises and Bring In Solutions Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: March 2018
One successful model is direct primary care. Patients pay a monthly fee directly to the physician's office for 24/7 access and basic labs and medications, and receive steep discounts on radiology and pathology services. . . .
Streaming to the Lake Misti Crane , Pam Frost Gorder
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: March 2018
"I think people forget the importance of these streams--to both fish and people. This project will help us identify win-win solutions that benefit Lake Erie and the thousands of stream miles in its watershe."
Stressing as a Nation Lora Borenstein
Category: On the Couch Published: March 2018
Sump Pump Monsters Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: March 2018
The "Dirt" on Global Warming Maggie McNeil
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: March 2018
Organic soil cuts agriculture's contribution to climate change.
The (Psycho) Resistance Richard E. Vatz
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: March 2018
The AI Advantage Sean Brady
Category: Frontier Horizons Published: March 2018
The Learning Curve Daniel Riczo , Steve Riczo
Category: Worldview Published: March 2018
Are the lessons of the Cold War past lost on contemporary America?
The Left's Reliance on Identity Politics Mathew Continetti
Category: National Affairs Published: March 2018
The point is simply to prove certain facile, reductive, and invariably left-wing points about the nature of power and oppression. All of Western civilization is not analyzed through the use of reason, but through prisms of race, class, and gender. . . .
The Lessons of Statesmanship Larry P. Arn
Category: The World Yesterday Published: March 2018
In war and peace, British PM Winston Churchill had a strategy for freedom. They were related. They both required an utter commitment to freedom--recognition of the limits of politics and the limits of war. . . .
The New Classroom Dolores Greenawalt
Category: Education Published: March 2018
"While many instructors learned to research in a library, or at a computer connected to the Internet, today's students rarely remember a time when they did not have WiFi."
The Scarlet Zero Kristin Held
Category: Medicine & Health Published: March 2018
MACRA completes the government takeover of medicine.
The Unthinkable Becomes Real Marie White
Category: Literary Scene Published: March 2018
"Some days I am numb, just making it through the day. Other days I am full of hope, waiting with baited breath for an email, call, or doorbell that says our child is coming home."
This Research Is "Complex" Erin Barton
Category: Science & Technology Published: March 2018
"The science of understanding . . . Systems of interdependent parts is aptly named 'complexity.' The field is young, highly interdisciplinary by necessity, and so cutting-edge it often is off the edge of the map. . . . "
Why Spread the Wealth? Andrea Estrada
Category: Economic Observer Published: March 2018
Winging It David L. Chandler
Category: Science & Technology Published: March 2018
A "morphing" wing could enable more-efficient airplane manufacturing and flight.