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A New "Golden" Age of Astronomy Ellen James Mbuqe
Category: Science & Technology Published: May 2018
This is the second once-in-a-lifetime discovery to rock the astrophysics world in two years, and it not only confirms the origins of one of Earth's most-precious metals, it opens a whole new window through which to probe the secrets of the universe.
Addicted to the Needle . . . on the Scale Iris Ruth Pastor
Category: Literary Scene Published: May 2018
"[Eating disorder] had found a home and he would reside with me for many years--the one constant in a life of flux. He was a satisfied tenant. I was a very accommodating landlord."
Anxiety Does Not Quell CEO Optimism Mike Davies
Category: Business & Finance Published: May 2018
CEOs' optimism in the global economy is driven by the economic indicators being so strong. With the stock markets booming and gross domestic product predicted to grow in most major markets around the world, it's no surprise CEOs are so bullish.
Autism and the Smell of Fear Noam Sobel
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2018
Odors that carry social cues seem to affect those on the autism spectrum differently.
Beyond the Musical
Category: USA Yesterday Published: May 2018
Examining the personalities and constitutional debates that shaped America . . . The exhibit provides an intimiate look into Alexander Hamilton's enduring role in the constitutional and political arguments that continue to create spare to this day.
Can It Be Bigger than Basketball? April White
Category: Esports Published: May 2018
Each month, more than 100,000,000 people log in to watch an estimated 23,000,000,000 minutes of professional esports players & amateur gamers streaming video game play. The audience may reach 385,000,000 people w/ revenues of $700,000,000 by year's end.
Dancing to Screwball Wes D. Gehring
Category: Reel World Published: May 2018
Turner Classic Movies once again will be offering a free online summer class for film aficionados.
Deep within the Deep State Joseph E. diGenova
Category: National Affairs Published: May 2018
FBI Director James Comey, AG Loretta Lynch, FBI Deputy Dir Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Baker, and Bruce Ohr and others compromised Fed law enforcement to such an extent that the American public is losing trust.
Diagnosis: Dereliction of Duty Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Words & Images Published: May 2018
"The Democrats' one-size-fits-all solution--more government control with more restrictions of citizens' rights--is the same for every diagnosis, whether the problem is with banking, medical care, or violent behavior."
Diane Arbus Would Not Be Boxed In
Category: Focus Published: May 2018
"American audiences had never before been presented with such a singular vision in a photographer. When they were, they embraced it eagerly if not uncritically, and the cultural landscape was transformed by their embrace."
Driving Biomechanics Michael Moschel
Category: Going Places Published: May 2018
"Posture is essential to the health and harmony of the musculoskeletal system and has far-reaching effects on a driver's capabilities. . . . "
Going "Mental" Over Guns Richard E. Vatz
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: May 2018
"Getting serious about diminishing school shootings does not mean frenetically diving for a meaningless metaphor like 'mental health.'"
Hold Your Tongue . . . Not Amy L. Wax
Category: American Thought Published: May 2018
"The American way is to conduct free and open debate in a civil manner. We should return to doing that on our college campuses and in our society at large."
How A"bot" That Linda Horiuchi
Category: Targeting Technology Published: May 2018
Consumers have a good sense of how bots can serve them, better-developed than perhaps the industry's. Their level of frustration with today's bots is striking: one-third say they will take their business elsewhere if the poor service continues.
How Does a Spontaneous Wanderluster Avoid Overpaying? Theresa Boehl
Category: Going Places Published: May 2018
"Here are some tricks for scoring last-minute fares so good that you will be hard-pressed not to brag about them."
Looking to the Heavens for Gold Kathy Svitil
Category: Science & Technology Published: May 2018
The collision of neutron stars released newly synthesized heavy elements into the surrounding universe, providing the first concrete proof that such mashups are the birthplace of half of the universe's elements heavier than iron, including gold & platinum
Physicians Sue Over "Maintenance of Certification" Alieta Eck
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2018
A doctor provides her backstory to the "unthinking, abusive, and illogical requirement" that health care providers face.
Really? Seriously? Raymond L. Fischer
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2018
Endless possibilities for impeachment range from a travel ban that risks radicalizing Muslims to Putin-style censorship of the media bolstered w/ Trump doublethink & alternative news, overt racism, & an ill-considered response to potenttial nuclear crises
Reversing Runaway Runway Times Jennifer Chu
Category: Going Places Published: May 2018
A model that calculates the time from gate departure to takeoff could cut airport congestion and fuel waste.
Searching for Autism's "Guilty" Genes Adam Hadhazy
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2018
"Although the human genome was mapped early last decade, we still don't know what a majority of human genes do."
Star Wars' Religious Allegory R. Ward Holder
Category: Religious Grounds Published: May 2018
"Star Wars" indeed does contain several significant religious messages, not the least of which is the idea of The Force, which frequently seems to function much like faith in Christianity.
Taft's Two Hats Jeffrey Rosen
Category: USA Yesterday Published: May 2018
William Howard Taft's overriding goal as president and chief justice was to exercise the powers of each office as vigorously as possible within constitutional bounds while resisting populist pressures that threatened the rule of law.
Taking "Stock" of Our Health Marily M. Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2018
"We dread the day when algo-medicine--devoid of human emotion, intuition, or instinct--will determine who gets to live . . . Or die."
The AV Revolution Has Arrived Tim Yost
Category: Going Places Published: May 2018
When it comes to autonomous vehicles, traditional auto companies and suppliers have a big, two-front battle ahead of them: educating consumers about AVs & figuring how to compete in the software end, or partnering with highly-advantaged tech companies.
The Beatles in the Beginning Kenneth Womack
Category: Entertainment Published: May 2018
'Good God, what've we got 'ere?,' balance engineer Norman Smith muttered when the bandmates ambled into Studio 2. Their equipment was so ratty & tattered that Abbey Road's white-coated personnel had to rig up work-arounds just to get the session underway.
The Breast Cancer Battle Rages On Sarah Laskowski
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2018
Genome sequencing will open up so much in terms of our ability to understand what drives tumor initiation & our ability to target it, prevent it, diagnose early, better monitor, diagnose relapses more quickly, stratify patients, & find novel treatments.
The Politics of Ingratitude Robert J. Bresler
Category: State of the Nation Published: May 2018
Why . . . after decades of one new government benefit plied onto the next, do Americans have such negative feelings about the Federal government?
The Shock of Show and Tell
Category: Focus Published: May 2018
Images captured through the lens of Laura Aguilar reflect her struggles w/ depression, obesity, self-acceptance, prejudice, and misogyny. Challenged by auditory dyslexia, she struggled with words and used her camera to penetrate the underground LGBT world
Tinseltown on the Move Nora Drake
Category: Silver Screen Published: May 2018
The mobility of Hollywood allows for outsourcing. It allows productions to go to places that offer better deals, and it undermines the people who are in Los Angeles, because there is always the threat that your job can move away.
Tread Lightly Alvin Powell
Category: Sports Scene Published: May 2018
One never-injured multi-marathoner's stride was so smooth, she ran like an insect over water. Weight was not a factor, w/ heavy runners among the light-footed & lighter runners among stompers. A softer footfall appears to reduce the likelihood of injury.
What's Your Excuse? Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: May 2018
"Perhaps you have been scratching your hed and wondering what on earth is going on with people. There are echoes of adolescence, insufficiently mastered, in those baffling behaviors."
Wrong Kind of Baby Love Kevin Leonard
Category: On the Couch Published: May 2018
"The Stories of the mom who is coddling her son, who is not a kid any longer, are a massive issue and problem in the world of addiction."
Your Warrior Mindset: The Mental Side of Staying Safe Pete J. Canavan
Category: Life in America Published: May 2018
"The ability to go over, under, around, or through any obstacle is the essense of this 'never quit' mindset that is akin to the Samurai warriors of Japan. . . "