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A Letter from Lisbon Joseph Rotenberg
Category: Literary Scene Published: July 2018
"Soon all such communications from relatives in Europe ceased. The Germans had turned from military conquest to genocide."
A Tree Grows in . . . Pasadena Kathy Svitil
Category: The Environment Published: July 2018
How many--and what kind of--trees are in the urban landscape? An algorithm developed at Caltech may provide the answer.
Ain't No Mountain High Enough Morgan Kelly
Category: The Environment Published: July 2018
The classic triangular form in which land area uniformly decreases as elevation increases applies to about 1/3 of the world's mountain ranges, yet it guides conservation plans and research related to climate change.
Behold Baseball's "Magna Carta"
Category: Athletic Arena Published: July 2018
"The founding documents of baseball that would shape the modern game as our national pastime were ironed out in January and February 1857 at a convention called by the Knickerbockers Base Ball Club in New York."
Big Brother Is Tracking You Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2018
"Until the TARP legislation was passed, patients were the owners of their medical records, which could not be shared without their knowledge or permission."
Birds of a Feather. . . Nicolas Gonzalez
Category: The Environment Published: July 2018
". . . Because more birds have the potential to move into national parks than move out, public lands will continue serving as important bird habitats despite a changing climate."
Diversity Police Gone Wild Heather Mac Donald
Category: American Thought Published: July 2018
"#MeToo is going to unleash a new torrent of gender and race quotas throughout the economy and culture, on the theory that all disparities in employment and institutional representation are due to harassment and bias."
Do Not Take These Boys Home Alexander Atlas
Category: Life in America Published: July 2018
"You tell yourself that no one understands him except for you, making you want him even more. He soon will become your No. 1 priority and you will grow emotionally attached to him. . . . Too bad it will end in havoc and mayhem."
Dreaming of a New Reality Tim Rhode
Category: Life in America Published: July 2018
"We have . . . created a community of strivers, as '1Lifers' are pulling each other to new heights, one young life, one inspiration, one Dare2Dream day at a time."
Faith and Feeding Tubes Barbara Golder
Category: Religion Published: July 2018
The community needs to provde real, direct, personal assistance on an individual level to those facing these illnesses, as well as counsel & care so the patient & family can make a decision confident of the support that will stand with them in suffering.
Getting into the Head of a Serial Killer R. Weir
Category: Literary Scene Published: July 2018
The definitions vary--anywhere from two to four murders, with significant time in between each murder, the murders taking place over more than a month. This is different from mass murderers or spree killers.
God's Hand in Illness Anthony Gomes
Category: Religion Published: July 2018
"It is common for a sick individual to seek God's help. On the other hand, illness itself often is viewed as God's wrath."
Heal Thyself Sylvanus A. Aveni
Category: Worldview Published: July 2018
Change in Sub-Saharan Africa must come from within.
How to Guarantee You Won't Live in Your Parents' Basement Lindy Schneider
Category: Education Published: July 2018
College graduates are considered underqualified for jobs in their field because they have no experience. They are overqualified for jobs that do not require a degree. Colleges advise them to pursue a master's degree, which will bury them further in debt.
No Rights Health Care Jane M. Orient
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2018
"Americans need to look behind the 'rights' rhetoric, see the chains, and follow the money."
Placing the "Fault" on CO2 Steve Carr
Category: The Environment Published: July 2018
"Carbon dioxide from Earth's interior is thought to be released into the atmosphere mostly via degassing from active volcanoes."
Political Tong Wars Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: July 2018
Pompous broadcasters and obsessive Facebook and Twitter users reflect profound political divisions. There are so few moderate voices in the media because there are so few such voices among our political leaders.
Problematic Plastic Gaelle Gourmelon
Category: World Watcher Published: July 2018
Approximately 10,000,000-20,000,000 tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year. An estimated 5.25 trillion plastic particles are floating in the word's oceans, resulting in $13,000,000,000 a year in losses from damage to marine ecosystems.
Russia Saves Alaska for Us Roger Seiler
Category: Frontier Horizons Published: July 2018
Alaska's first Russian governor, Aleksandr Andreievich Baranov "prevented a British takeover of Alaska so that, years later, the Russians could sell their colony to the U.S., which eventually became our 49th state."
Smoke 'em if you Got 'em Wes D. Gehring
Category: Reel World Published: July 2018
Elaborate cigarette ads involving movie stars is unthinkable today.
Stop "Working" So Hard Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: July 2018
"Perhaps you have a lot of stuff, and now you are on the tiresome treadmill of stuff-maintenance. You work harder than you have to, just to pay for the storage unit, when instead you probably could get rid of a lot of 'that junk.'"
Stressed-Out Coral Pam Frost Gorder
Category: The Environment Published: July 2018
". . . Two separate effects of climate change combine to destabilize different populations of coral microbes . . . opening the door for bad bacteria to overpopulate corals' mucus and their bodies as a whole."
Surveilling the Universe from the South Pole John Bird , Jennifer McCallum
Category: Science & Technology Published: July 2018
"Recognizing the revelations of the early universe manifest by [the cosmic microwave background], we stand in a unique position in the history of humanity to bear witness to the echoes of heralds from an eternity ago."
The "Methane Paradox" Pam Frost Gorder
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: July 2018
We've always assumed that oxygen was toxic to all methanogens. That assumption is so entrenched that global climate models don't allow for methane production in the presence of oxygen. We may be grossly underaccounting for methane in our existing models.
The "One-and-a-Half Bind" Michael Parker
Category: Under the Microscope Published: July 2018
The underrepresentation of women and minorities in STEM fields is a huge concern to policymakers and is the focus of many commissions and initiatives. Minority women face the strain of balancing careers and famiiles, and upholding their cultural roles.
The #MeToo Backlash Karla Jo Helms
Category: Words & Images Published: July 2018
The #MeToo movement has been effective in raising awareness of sexual misconduct in the workplace--and that was needed, but without a new solution being proffered other than penalizing the offenders, it has moved to stoke fear, suspicion, and insecurity.
The Co-Parenting Option Karen L. Kristjanson
Category: Life in America Published: July 2018
"I knew the boys loved us both and would need time with each of us. For them to be brought up well, they would need parents who were healthy human beings."
The Heartbreak of Early Onset Alzheimer's Kenneth Pratt
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2018
I knew something was wrong when my wife of 16 years called in a panic and said she was lost, even though she was on the street in our home town that she took to her office every day for years.
The Mourning After Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio
Category: Psychology Published: July 2018
". . . When a pet dies, the depth of your grief reflects your loss of a special relationship."
The Right to Try Jane M. Orient
Category: Health Beat Published: July 2018
When we say the "most vulnerable" need to be protected, does that mean the patients or academic research establishment? Organizations that determine standards of care? Medical journals? Pharmaceutical companies? Insurers? Pharmacy benefits managers?
There Is More to Life Than Death Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2018
". . . Rationing systems devalue the benefits the disabled, elderly, or others with a lower life expectancy could receive from a given treatment."
There She Blows . . . Ice--and How! Judith Braffman-Miller
Category: Science & Technology Published: July 2018
"Ahuna Mons rises 13,000 feet and is 11 miles wide at its base. This certainlyw ould be an impressively large volcano on our own planet, but [the dwarf planet] Ceres is less than 600 miles wide."
Thucydides's Trap Raymond L. Fischer
Category: Worldview Published: July 2018
Is it inevitable that the U.S. and China will go to war, or can the two nations continue to exist in an uneasy peace?
True Power without the Power Play Leeza Carlone Steindorf
Category: American Thought Published: July 2018
Todays paradigm shift must begin with women. They do not need to fight for equality because they already are equal. They must diligently work for the practical and tangible expressions of that equality with passion and strength, not resentment and anger.
Trying to Groove with the Guru Susan Shumsky
Category: Literary Scene Published: July 2018
"Maharishi . . . stopped and looked me up, down, and back up again. His face became stern. He looked through me, not at me--as though he were scanning hidden corners of my mind."
Turbo-Charge Patient Freedom Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Economic Observer Published: July 2018
Congress has broken its promise to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Pres. Trump can keep his promises to free Americans from ObamaCare's disastrous costs and restrictions . . . by an Executive Order authorizing the needed changes.
When Titans Collide David P. Goldman
Category: Worldview Published: July 2018
China, like Russia, responds to its past humiliation by challenging American power. It would be na´ve to expect the Chinese or Russians to be our friends; the best we can hope for is peaceful competition and cooperation in matters of mutual concern."