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#MeToo, Phase Two Suzette Webb
Category: Psychology Published: November 2018
Countless survivors of sexual abuse felt their old wounds being slit open with Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. While his nomination emboldened many to come forward, his ascension to the bench was a confirmation for many that the safest option is silence.
Americans Love Traveling for Work--and Sometimes Even Will Admit It June Bower
Category: Going Places Published: November 2018
Business travelers indulge in fun and decadent pleasures while on the road.
An Old-Fashioned Hero Wes D. Gehring
Category: Reel World Published: November 2018
This year marks the 15th anniversary of the American Film Institute selecting the 100 Greatest Heroes in cinema history. Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) in "To Kill a Mockingbird" (1962) topped the list.
Are We Headed for "World War Trump"? Raymond L. Fischer
Category: The World Today Published: November 2018
". . . The U.S. must redirect its foreign defense policies away from the ideology of global 'America First' hegemony and toward 'patient, thoroughly engaged diplomacy'. . . . "
Arming Venezuelans J. Michael Waller
Category: World Watchers Published: November 2018
"The U.S. has a successful precedent for arming people oppressed by a regime that surrendered national sovereignty to Cuba and other powers."
Chronic Pain and Counseling Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: November 2018
"Life hurts. Maturation hurts. These are truths, and not terribly pleasant. Normal living creatures avoid pain; flinching is, after all, a reflex. . . . "
Delving into Delacroix
Category: Museums Today Published: November 2018
Eugene Delacroix was a transformative figure in the history of European painting, and his influence significantly shaped what we think of today as modern. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to experience his breathtaking talent and remarkable scope.
Does the Policy of Arming Teachers Miss the Mark? Jaclyn Schildkraut
Category: Law & Justice Published: November 2018
Is it true that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun"?
Ensuring Worthy Giving Michael Cummings
Category: Economic Observer Published: November 2018
The mission is "to help nonprofits learn how to use and produce better evidence of their impact and to help donors know which nonprofits do this most effectively."
From Rocking the Cradle to Rocking the World Farhana Qazi
Category: Worldview Published: November 2018
By joining violent extremism, females are committing selfish, senseless and sorrowful acts. Oddly, the ultimate goal for pious, practicing Muslims is the same as for Muslim extremists, only the latter use violence in hopes of securing a place in Paradise.
Get Over It Already Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: American Thought Published: November 2018
"Like Ebenezer Scrooge facing his desolate gravesite and begging for a chance to make things right, the bereaved political left scrambles for something to do, or say, that will make it all go away, will make it better, will resurrect the dream."
Giving Back . . . And Forward Kimberly Scott
Category: Economics Published: November 2018
"Watching mom and dad engage in charitable activities reinforces the perception that your family values acts of generosity. The more this notion is reinforced, the better."
Holiday Help for the Business Traveler Jay Walker
Category: Going Places Published: November 2018
". . . A business traveler's typical itinerary gets turned around by holiday travel patterns."
Is There Hope in the Health Care-Cost Crisis? John Steele Gordon
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2018
" . . . At least we have one thing on our side--Stein's Law, named after the famous economist Herbert Stein: 'If something cannot go on forever, it will stop."
Let's Be Different This Year
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: November 2018
There are Christmas cards that have to be sent and gifts that need to be bought. Add in extra baking, cooking, unhealthy eating, and overindulgence in alcohol, and you could be looking at a prolonged headache that will not go away.
Like Mother, Like Daughter? Leeza Carlone Steindorf
Category: Psychology Published: November 2018
". . . Give yourself permission to be yourself, independently from your mother--or anyone else, for that matter."
Married to the Mob--aka Medicare for All G. Keith Smith
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2018
"The welfare of the masses is always the alibi of tyrants."
No Cease-Fire in the Political Cold War Charles R. Kesler
Category: National Affairs Published: November 2018
The prevailing liberal doctrine traces individual rights to membership in various groups--racial, ethnic, gender, class-based, etc. Conservatives, by contrast, trace individual rights to human nature, to the essence of an individual as a human being.
Rise of the Silver Divorce Joryn Jenkins
Category: Life in America Published: November 2018
"After decades of marriage in which they were focused more on the joint effort of raising the kids and making a living than they were on each other, [couples often] discover that they have grown apart, rather than together."
Safety First--Always Tim Murphy
Category: By the Book Published: November 2018
The No. 1 safety protocol [at family entertainment venues] starts with suitable management. Does it appear that the managers are properly trained? Are they engaged with their attention to the facility, employees, and its patrons?
Socialism, Corporatism--In other Words . . . Lose, Lose for Patients Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2018
"Neither socialism nor corporatism is about serving individual patients--the collective or the corporation comes first. 'Health care' simply is the pretext for bringing revenue into the system."
The "Bolshevik Plot" that Is Destroying American Medicine
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2018
"At a time when the movement toward innovative and personalized care is moving forward, care via government control is taking us backwards."
The Cancer that Felled John McCain
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2018
Glioblastoma is very difficult to completely remove surgically because it's so diffuse in the brain. The blood-brain barrier, which protects the brain & its fluid, limits the drugs that can reach tumors, and glioblastoma is resistant to those that get in.
The Doníts and Do's of Divorcing During the Holidays Jacqueline Newman
Category: Life in America Published: November 2018
"The holidays are an emotional time for many people and even more so when those individuals are going through a divorce. It is very tempting to be vindictive and do things to annoy your soon-to-be ex during the holiday season. My advice is to resist."
The Evidence Against Evidence-Based Medicine Jane M. Orient
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2018
"The curriculum [to become a doctor] now must have social justice as a 'core tenet of medical ethics,' teach about 'unconscious racism,' and include 30 core competencies for caring for LGBT patients."
The Trump Distraction Robert J. Bresler
Category: State of the Nation Published: November 2018
"Bashing Trump 24/7 may or may not weaken his presidency, what it has done is to introduce intellectual laziness into our political culture."
We Need to Do More Sarah Bal
Category: Mind & Body Published: November 2018
". . . Despite the progress made by many states to increase availability of resources and public funding to provide supports for caregivers of individuals with disabilities, many critical challenges remain."
Weathering the Aftermath of a Cat 5 Christine Perakis
Category: The Environment Published: November 2018
"Even if the physical damage is limited, the emotional toll still exacts a price. Normal life becomes untenable."
What College Recruiters Want Sharkie Zartman
Category: Athletic Arena Published: November 2018
". . . If your chiildren are just starting out in sports, you, as a parent, have a lot of responsibility as to how they behave. Make sure you model and demand good sportsmanship and teamwork, and also teach your kids humility and a great work ethic."