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A New Conversation with Men Michael Taylor
Category: Life in America Published: May 2019
"They do not know where to turn, and are becoming desperate for a new way of being and relating as men."
Agriculture Still Seeking Relief Jacob Morgan
Category: Economics Published: May 2019
Challenges and uncertainty abound as domestic and global economic growth rates slow and trade talks continue.
Are You Covered? Brian Greenberg
Category: Dollars & Sense Published: May 2019
"Buying life insurance has ramifications that car insurance or homeowners insurance does not because it forces people to consider their mortailty."
Can Trump Continue to Get the Better of the Deep State and the Fake-News Media? John Marini
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2019
"…Trump so far has succeeded -- largely through his relentless characterization of most of those in the media as dishonest partisans … -- in preventing the scandals surrounding him from being defined by his enemies in legal, rather than political, terms."
Creating a Safe Space Environment Sue Yacka-Bible
Category: Psychology Published: May 2019
Despite a lack of critical training and resources, school counselors, psychologists, and social workes hold positive attitudes towards--and work to support--LGBTQ students.
Culprit Found for Honeybee Deaths in Almond Groves Misti Crane
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: May 2019
Researchers and industry leaders are working to stop insecticide use during bloom.
Cycling in the City
Category: Museums Today Published: May 2019
"To men, the bicycle in the beginning was merely a new toy, another machine added to the long list of devices they knew in their work and in their play. To women, it was a steed upon which they rode into a new world."
Democrats and the Illusions of a Promised Land Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: May 2019
"The Left's far-reaching reconstruction is intended not for temporary political advantage, but permanent domination."
Does "Medicaid for More" Trump "Medicare for All"? John Kaelin , Katherine Hempstead
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2019
"While the issue of universal coverage may be quite partisan…policy proposals based on broadening the use of a Medicaid-like or even Medicare-like rate structure may receive an increasingly receptive audience."
Fighting Through the Mud and Blood of the Korean War Leonard Adreon
Category: The World Yesterday Published: May 2019
"I could not stop the bleeding. Big Mike's mouth was open. He tried to speak--nothing. Red sticky blood covered his body. He had no chance. The bleeding stopped. His eyes glazed over. He was gone."
Global Warming is Leading to Water Shortages Laura Arenschield
Category: The Environment Published: May 2019
Rapidly melting glaciers are causing similar problems on two continents.
Herblock and Fellow Artists Respond to Their Times
Category: Words & Images Published: May 2019
"…Herblock's cartoons provide a call and response with other socially-engaged artists who have wielded brush, pen, burin, and pixel to express their viewpoints and engage with many of the same issues."
Interfaith Marriage in Modern India: Obstacles Remain Ajay Kaul
Category: Religion Published: May 2019
A young couple defies their parents. Will love win out?
On the Frontlines of the Opioid Crisis Patricia Strach , Katie Zuber , Elizabeth Perez-Chiques
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2019
"[There are] several obstacles to access [assisstance], including the lack of medically supervised detox, length-of-stay restrictions, and regulations that make it easier to prescribe opioids then medication-assisted treatment…"
Political Discretion and Antitrust Policy Richard B. Baker , Carola Frydman , Eric Hilt
Category: USA Yesterday Published: May 2019
"No period in American history witnessed a more-signigicant consolidation of economic activity into large firms than the Great Merger wave of 1895-1904."
Rejuvenating Your Home Doug Kerr
Category: Home Improvement Published: May 2019
"If your have chosen your contractor well, you should feel welcome to bring up any observations or questions you might have during the renovation. It is your home; you are most familiar with it; and you deserve to get what you want as the end product…"
Surviving the Holocaust Laura Hillman
Category: The World Yesterday Published: May 2019
"It was only because I was on Schindler's list that I stayed alive. That was a man who made a difference."
The Dog Lady of Mexico Alison Sawyer Current
Category: Animal Rescue Published: May 2019
"[The puppy] was a mess…His tummy was covered with scabs; mange had attacked his feet and ears, which he had scratched or chewed raw. His eyes were goopy, and he was flea infested and filthy dirty."
The Fake-News Media Has a Big Problem Raymond L. Fischer
Category: Mass Media Published: May 2019
"Laws protecting freedom of the press never have been stronger…but freedom of the press matters little if people do not believe what the media has to say."
The Thought Police Will Run Medicare for All Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2019
"the focus on palliative care and lowering costs by reducing 'aggressive' end-of-liffe treatment is one more incremental under-the-radar step along the road to government control over life and death."
Uncle Sam's Invoice for Innovation John Grigsby , Tom Nicholas , Stefanie Stantcheva
Category: American Ingenuity Published: May 2019
"…Taxation (in the form of personal and corporate income taxes) matters for innovation along the intensive and extensive margins, as well as at the micro and macro levels."
Vaccinating Away Our Freedom Jane M. Orient
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2019
"Doctors may advise, or patients may choose, a course that is harmful but, if governmental authorities, imbued with a sense of infallibility, impose their will on everyone, the consequences of a bad choice affect millions."
War-Torn Poland as Past Tense Fran Hawthorne
Category: Literary Scene Published: May 2019
"If Rose realized that her grandson Adam was named in memory of her murdered-in-the-Holocaust older brother Avram, or possibly was even a little pleased by the honor, she sure never mentioned it."
Where the Birds Never Sing Jack Sacco
Category: The World Yesterday Published: May 2019
"…It was neither Normandy, not the Battle of the Bulge, not the months of combat through Germany that would bring tears to [my father's] eyes decades later. It was the memory of what he had witnessed when he entered the gates of Dachau."
Who Speaks for Islam? David Ruth
Category: Religion Published: May 2019
"The most-concerning finding in the study is that extremist religious discourse [in the Middle East] has a sizable audience…"