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A Right to Health Care Is Freedom's Death Knell Deane Waldman
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2019
"Healthcare" as one word refers to a system for the organization, financing, and provision of two words, "health care."…As two words, health care refers to a highly personal one-to-one, fiduciary service contract between a patient and a physician."
A Type 1 Success Story Carl S. Armato
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2019
"…Courage is what it takes to become a successful diabetes self-manager. Your full, rich life depends on it."
American Myth and Memory
Category: Focus Published: September 2019
"Like the plastic figurines that he photographs, [David] Levinthal's art points to deeplt rooted societal ideals and assumptions. They invite us to consider the way values and events of the past…inform who we are and how we behave in the present."
Cattle Ranches Offer Hope for Grassland Birds Nicholas Gonzalez
Category: The Environment Published: September 2019
"Each year, more and more of North America's grasslands and prairies disappear under the plow, while our changing climate will only further squeeze the birds of this misunderstood landscape."
Coming Up Short Ryan Bourne
Category: Economics Published: September 2019
The economic case for increasing the Federal minimum wage is quite dubious.
Context Is King Sonia Fernandez
Category: The Environment Published: September 2019
Researchers have "found that the context in which renewable energy policy is framed--particularly in terms of jobs, electricity costs, and pollution--has a tremedous impact on a person's opinion of it."
Hate Is Off the Back Burner Michael Durfee
Category: Political Landscape Published: September 2019
"…Hate does occupy an increasingly large place in the U.S., and our singular voice in times of tragedy--traditionally the president of the U.S.--has been a catalyst for hate."
Home Plate: A Celebration of the Polo Grounds
Category: Athletic Arena Published: September 2019
"The iconic bathtub-shaped stadium served as home to the New York Giants baseball team (1891-1957), New York Yankees (1913-22), New York Giants football team (1922-55), and New York Mets (1962-63), as well as stints by several other professional teams…"
How Schools Are Failing Workers--and Ways They Can fix It Sheena Karami
Category: Education Published: September 2019
"…The skills gap--which involves both 'hard skills' and 'soft skills'--is a call to action for all of us."
Is There a Cure for the Collapse of the U.S. Education System? Andrew Bernstein
Category: Education Published: September 2019
"The invention of the scientific curriculum expert represented an extraordinary shift in power away from teachers, parents, and local communities…"
Is Universal Flu Vaccine in the Offing? Jennifer Routh
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2019
"…A key public health goal is to develop a universal influenze vaccine that would protect against most or all seasonal strains of influenze virus and potential pandemic strains."
It's All in the Physics F. Patrick Cunnane
Category: Economics Published: September 2019
"…Socialism should be explained with a best sceintific effort and analyzed with methods of logic -- not preached about in nonquantifiable, emotional right- or left- leaning dogma."
Kamala's Presidential Conundrum Clark Neily
Category: Law & Justice Published: September 2019
"…Too many prosecutors have embraced the fallacy that, if the law allows them to do something, then it must be morally acceptable to do it, but…it might be time for prosecutors to reconsider that fallacy, particularly if they aspire to higher office."
Marxism Turned on Its Head Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: September 2019
"The current crop of Democratic presidential hopefuls remain relentless in continuously upping the ante and then doubling down when called out on their outrageous promises."
No More Singing the "Varsity" Blues Stephanie Crowley
Category: Education Published: September 2019
"Interviews are the one sure way to see and hear the 'raw' [college] applicant. No parent can pay to alter a personal interview--at least not yet."
No-Fly Zone Peter Reuell
Category: Science & Technology Published: September 2019
Tracing the origin of flightless birds brought together the research efforts of "developmental biologists, computational biologists, morphologists, statisticians, population geneticists--and, of course, ornithologists."
Notorious RBG
Category: Museums Today Published: September 2019
"No other [Supreme Court] Justice…has so captured the public's imagination. Her every utterance is clickbait and, since 2013, there have been countless homemade [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] costumes, cocktails, ice cream flavors, and more."
Protecting the Vulnerable Mary Engel
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2019
"Not only should those with weakened immune systems gets flu shots, their families and caregivers should, too."
Public Schools' Elusive "Nice Values" Neal McClusky
Category: Education Published: September 2019
"…Why [is it] so hard to public schools to inculcate values? Short answer: we just do not agree on them, and a lot of people fear what their kids might be taught."
Shortening the Sales Cycle Brian J. Greenberg
Category: Business & Finance Published: September 2019
"The companies that thrive in [today's] extreme vetting environment are the ones who boast salesmen who do not actually sell."
The Federal Debt Takes a Hard Left William H. Northwall
Category: Economics Published: September 2019
"This is the same crowd that fervently believes in Keynesian theory, and they have a name for their belief, Modern Monetary Theory…For this group, all government problems can be solved by printing money."
The Voice of the Village
Category: Focus Published: September 2019
"A curoius, knowledgeable, and indefatigable visual chronicler, [photographer Fred W.] McDarrah…created an encyclopedic archive of culture and politics for The [Village] Voice."
What About Trade? Daniel J. Ikenson
Category: Economics Published: September 2019
There has been an "absence of any coherent, fresh ideas from the Democratic presidential aspirants that would differentiate their trade policies from Pres. [Donald] Trump's…"
What the Green New Deal Would Mean for Medicine Jane M. Orient
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2019
"…How will our actual medical care and health--as opposed to our health insurance card--be affected?"