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"Food" For Thought Bajinder Paul
Category: The Environment Published: January 2020
"High winds produced by severe winter storms present the possibility of . . . Power outages that can compromise the safety of stored food."
A Way to "Patent" Profits Merilee Kern
Category: Business & Finance Published: January 2020
Organizations need to shift their mentality away from patents being seen as a way to protect their ideas, and instead regard them as a means to grow business and create wealth through intellectual property-driven analytics and key business assets. . . .
Alone, but in the "Right" Richard E. Vatz
Category: Political Landscape Published: January 2020
"How are conservatives and conservatism treated today in public colleges and universities?"
Can a Recovery Take Wing? Nicolas Gonzalez
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: January 2020
". . . The natural world humans depend on is being paved, logged, eroded, and polluted. You donít need to look hard for the metaphor: birds are the canaries in the coal mine that is the Earth's future."
Capraesque Curtis Wes D. Gehring
Category: Entertainment Published: January 2020
The breakout pictures for both Frank Capra and Richard Curtis were screwball comedies -"It Happened One Night" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral," respectively. Both films demonstrate a closing element to the genre - wedding breakups with the wrong people.
China Is After More than Chump Change Roger W. Robinson Jr.
Category: Worldview Published: January 2020
"The Chinese are waging economical and financial warfare against us every day. We are in a position to prevail. The problem is that we have not seriously taken the field. In terms of our capital mistakes, we are not even at the stadium."
Christ [Chapel] Rises . . . On a College Campus Clarence Thomas
Category: Amercian Thought Published: January 2020
Our country was founded on the view that a correct understanding of the nature of God and the human person is critical to preserving the liberty that we so enjoy. Without religious conviction, popular sovereignty can devolve into mob rule. . . .
Containing Contentious Cops Clark Neily
Category: Law & Justice Published: January 2020
". . .Why shouldn't [a combination of] two approaches for resolving relatively minor conflicts--traffic tickets and small claims court--work with relatively low-level police misconduct?"
Cybersecurity Predictions Daniel Markuson
Category: Frontier Horizons Published: January 2020
2019 was an intense year for cybersecurity. Thanks to new outlets, consumers, CEOs, and influential decision makers were forced to hear more about digital liberty. It is up to them to prepare for new challenges.
D&I: Companies Must Walk the Talk Cathy Andreasson
Category: The Workplace Published: January 2020
"Without inclusion, without that right approach, without that culture that wants to listen, there is no such thing as a real diverse workforce. You can hire it, but you will not retain it."
D.C. Swamp Spreads its Wings Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Words & Images Published: January 2020
Most people want to control their own lives, even if that does not fit the government blueprint. The insanity from the Left is patently sick and sickening. It is about power at any cost and not what can help move the country forward.
Diagnostic Dishonesty Jane M. Orient
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: January 2020
A self-appointed "Independent Expert Panel for Presidential Fitness" should concern all Americans. Congressional Democrats, mainstream news media, and this panel are determined to achieve "regime change."
Doing Something New Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: January 2020
"Hospice care for cats, owl pellet analysis, and dinner out on Thanksgiving Day . . . . I never anticipated doing any of them [and] am grateful for all of them . . . ."
Down on the Farm Jacob Morgan
Category: Economics Published: January 2020
"The U.S. farm economy has demonstrated its resiliency in the face of trade wars, extreme weather, and other disruptive events."
Fuel Fight William Yeatman
Category: Economic Observer Published: January 2020
"Car companies are delaying delivery of their least-polluting cars, and their purpose is to game compliance with the European Union's fuel economy regulations. . . . Could it happen here?"
Go into the Job Market . . .Softly Carlee Pett
Category: The Workplace Published: January 2020
"The U.S. labor market has been growing polarized between high-skill and low-skill jobs, but common to both ends of the spectrum is the need for soft skills."
Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists
Category: Museums Today Published: January 2020
The exhibition highlights the traditional and integral role of Native American women artists in serving the cultural, economical, diplomatic, and domestic needs of their communities, reaching beyond treating these artworks as unattributed representations.
Learning, Character, Faith, and Freedom Larry P. Arnn
Category: American Thought Published: January 2020
"We obscure the fact these days that the Americans who founded our country were mostly Christians, and they were devoted to both civil and religious liberty with the same intensity that they held their faith."
Lives Worth Preserving Nick Sabula
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2020
"ÖMany health-care providers critically undervalue the life of those with a disability where they deem treatment 'futile' or 'nonbeneficial'--oftentimes despite the wishes of the patient to the contrary."
Remaking Congress: Back to Basics William Yeatman
Category: National Affairs Published: January 2020
Both parties whine about about executive overreach, but only when they do not occupy the White House. Neither party seeks to claw back power from the presidency because each side wants its respective team to exercise authority.
Rosa Parks Revealed
Category: USA Yesterday Published: January 2020
". . . Often . . . Mischaracterized as a quiet seamstress, [she actually was] a seasoned activist with a militant spirit forged over decades of challanging inequality and injustice."
Shades of "Grey" in the Workforce Sheena Karami
Category: The Workplace Published: January 2020
White, grey, and blue collar workers are huanted by the past and worried about the future, but seemingly content with the present.
Solving the Cyber Situation Raymond L. Fischer
Category: Science & Technology Published: January 2020
"Fully aware of the dangerous uses of cyberspace, the U.S. can promote cyber peace and stability by implementing cyber resiliance. . . the capacity to return not merely to a pre-attack state, but to return 'stronger and better than before.'"
Someone May Be Watching . . . And Listening Laura Tyrell
Category: Science & Technology Published: January 2020
"Things that were once the plot for a science fiction movie, such as household appliances being hacked and turned against humanity, have become a reality."
The Stethoscope Is Not Just a Prop Jane M. Orient
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2020
"High tech is wonderful and incresingly capable but, if the stethoscope is dying, so is the art of clinical medicine."
This Town Is (or Should Be) Our Town Charles L. Marohn Jr.
Category: Life in America Published: January 2020
"When we try to fix our cities by making them bigger and better, we are taking a shortsighted approach that discounts the way cities have evolved throughout history."
Time for the U.S. to Man Up Robert J. Bresler
Category: Worldview Published: January 2020
"Placing 'America First' does not preclude the stark reality that U.S. interests cannot be separated from its global responsibilities."
Today's Rx Pricing: As Clear as Peanut Butter Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2020
"Camparison shopping is one pillar of bringing sanity to the high cost of medical care, but the opacity of the pricing system for medical costs limits the value of posting list prices to encourage lower costs through shaming, compteition, and choice."