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"Jezebel" Tackles a Pandemic Wes. D. Gehring
Category: Entertainment Published: May 2020
"[The 1938 movie] was fairly accurate for its day, although, in the end, paints a somewhat varnished perspective [of the yellow fever outbreak]."
"Okay Boomer," What Do You Think? Jane M. Orient
Category: Life In America Published: May 2020
"Ve get so soon old und so late schmart."
A Right to Be MADD Becky Iannota
Category: Law & Justice Published: May 2020
"While drunk driving deaths have fallen by half [in the last 40 years], it continues to kill more than 10,000 people a year and remains the No. 1 killer on our nation's roads. These aren't accidents. These are sudden, violent crimes."
Adjusting to the Pivot Point Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Psychology Published: May 2020
People usually are not big on slow changes, even those that accompany miracles. Friends advise one another sympathetically during difficult life passages, but no one enjoys those halting, faltering, falling-down baby steps.
Colleges Face Double Jeopardy John Haddad
Category: Education Published: May 2020
". . . For a large number of colleges, the timing for the coronavirus could not be worse, because many schools--before we even knew what COVID-19 was--already were teetering on the brink as they tried to recover from an earlier financial crisis."
Computing the New College Experience Leigh Wedenoja
Category: Education Published: May 2020
"Just as students and faculty have developed strategies to learn and teach in traditional in-person settings, they will be able to adapt those strategies to online courses through trial, error, and open communication."
Creeping Doubts About Government Larry P. Arnn
Category: American Thought Published: May 2020
". . . It is quite disturbing to witness the eagerness among some governors to outdo one another by announcing shutdowns that extend beyond where anyone claims to know that shutdowns will be necessary."
Crowing About Fear Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: May 2020
People deal with fear using the type of worry that jumps from subject to subject, never resting on a place long enough to find a solution or a bearable assessment of risk. It is a mental exercise of thought with a mild degree of emotional distress.
Deep Doubts Rajeshni Naidu-Ghelani
Category: Economic Observer Published: May 2020
A combination of uncertainty over when the shutdowns will end, a resulting loss of wealth, the speed and depth of the downturn, and the risk of a new outbreak without a vaccine all are factors affecting the economy bouncing back.
Don't Stand So Close to Me Brandon Medina , Kyle Fretwell
Category: Back to Business Published: May 2020
". . . Not all jobs involve regular interaction with others, and some jobs might be more secure during a pandemic."
Emerging Intact Liz Elting
Category: Business & Finance Published: May 2020
"We cannot control everything that is happening around us, but we can control what we do in the face of it."
Erecting Barriers to Coronavirus Colleen Walsh
Category: Science & Technology Published: May 2020
"You wouldn't board an airplane that didn't have regular maintenance, but many buildings don't get an annual checkup."
Every Vote Counts . . .and Is Counted? Greg Palast
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2020
"Unless the U.S. radically changes the way we send, receive, and count mail-in ballots, a massive switch to postal voting . . .could lead to the true will of the electorate being nullified."
Flying No Longer Fabulous Kevin Mitchell
Category: Dollars & Sense Published: May 2020
The pandemic will plague the industry for years--and the airlines' unsustainable model, if not replaced, will require significant decades-long sacrifices by taxpayers, labor, consumers, and other stakeholders, while damaging tourism industry jobs.
Learning Anew Jill Anderson
Category: Education Published: May 2020
How what we know about summer learning loss can guide educators, districts, and parents during current school closures.
Medications for Treating Opiod-Use Disorder Remain Difficult to Access Jiacheng Ren
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2020
". . . In the midst of the current opioid epidemic, many specialists believe the benefits of expanding lifesaving treatments, like methadone and buprenorphine, outweigh the diversion risks of these medications and suggest that they be deregulated."
Never Reaching the Other Side Jessica Cicchino
Category: Public Safety Published: May 2020
Land use plays a huge role in pedestrian freeway fatalities.
Not Business as Usual Laura Schultz
Category: Business & Finance Published: May 2020
"For this recovery to be efficient . . .businesses that have been shuttered temporarily must survive and be ready to reopen once the immediate health threat has passed."
Overwhelmed by COVID-19 . . . And War Jason Straziuso
Category: Worldwatcher Published: May 2020
"The failure to plan and prepare for mass casualties risks people being buried in mass graves, with few records and little understanding of who died and where the bodies were taken," warns the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Pandemic Purification? Alexander Morse
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: May 2020
NASA has released satellite imagery of reduced nitrogen dioxide--a major air pollutant linked to respiratory infections--in the atmosphere after stay-at-home measures were enacted. Worldwide carbon dioxide emissions are estimated to fall >5% this year.
Politicians Do Not Understand That "The Price Is Right" Ryan Bourne
Category: National Affairs Published: May 2020
". . . Politicians suddenly find themselves not just experts in what market prices are, but what they should be."
Putting Coronavirus to the Test Al Powell
Category: Science & Technology Published: May 2020
"We have to get an order-of-magnitude understanding of how many people have actually been infected. We really don't know if we've been 10 times off or 100 times off in terms of the cases."
Taking Care of Business Lindsay Myers
Category: Gone Shopping Published: May 2020
"Small Businesses are struggling to survive this pandemic. Some already have closed their doors, not knowing if they will ever open them again."
Testing by the Bay Elizabeth Fernandez
Category: Health Beat Published: May 2020
"[A] new study aims to counteract the lack of data about the community spread of SARS-CoV-2 that has made the virus so challenging to combat."
The Case Against Medicare for All Jay Bhattacharya , Jonathan Ketcham
Category: Economics Published: May 2020
In applying the insights of C.S. Lewis, the government's power of the purse under Medicare for All provides justification for a bureaucracy of 'omnipotent moral busibodies' who torment us for our own good without end.
The Great Outdoors Never Looked So Great Leslie Adkins
Category: Lifestyles Look Published: May 2020
"Fire and water are all the rage right now for outdoor spaces. These elements not only take a space to the next level, they connect the space to its natural surroundings. Even in an urban setting, these elements add a sense of tranquility. . . ."
The Storm Before the Calm Carolyn Fischer
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2020
America's discord and the coming crisis of the 2020s will lead to . . .remarkably . . .the triumph beyond.
This Is Lunacy Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Life In America Published: May 2020
We cannot hand our lives over to the government, particularly when the virus has become an opportunity for Congress to pass pork-filled legislation, showboating governors to out-quarantine each other, and tech companies to share cell phone tracking.
Thread by Thread Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Words & Images Published: May 2020
"This pandemic has to become the opportunity to change the U.S. from a free, energetic, resourceful individualistic society to an authoritarian, collectivist society of broken souls addicted to government largesse."
Travel Travesty Zongqing Zhou
Category: Going Places Published: May 2020
"The bottom line is this is not a time to look at the bottom line; it is a time to focus on establishing trust and highlighting benefits, as well as keeping current customers engaged and recruiting new ones."
What a Sight Chad E. Foster
Category: Frontier Horizons Published: May 2020
"We often ask children, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' None of them-- and I mean none of them --say, 'I'd like to grow up to be a blind person.'"
What Now? Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: May 2020
"Bringing back our economy will not happen via some magical legislative sleight-of-hand. Recoveries that restore economic health take time, and this recovery, after an unprecedented shutdown, will take considerable patience and calm."
What Will COVID-19 Cost Us? Christopher Preble
Category: National Affairs Published: May 2020
"A U.S. government strong enough to mobilize all of society's resources against all threats would compel us to depart from our founding traditions, and ultimately would threaten Americans' freedom and prosperity."
Why We Weren't Ready for COVID-19 Patricia Strach , Elizabeth Pérez-Chiqués , Katie Zuber , Kathleen Sullivan
Category: Public Policy Published: May 2020
"Voters find policies with up-front prevention costs to be less attractive than more-expensive policies that pay large amounts after the fact."