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A Dip in Overdose Mortality Leigh Wedenoja
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2020
". . . Have we turned a corner in the opioid epidemic? That question is even more complicated in the wake of COVID-19, as many of the public health initiatives that helped reduce the overdose death rate are in jeopardy."
A Global Conversation About African Art
Category: Museums Today Published: July 2020
"There are more stories to tell about Africa's role in art history than about one-sided influence, and this exhibition seeks to reassert Africa's role in the narrative of art history."
A Proper Pedestal for Pollack Wes D. Gehring
Category: Entertainment Published: July 2020
"[Sydney Pollack] never has received the consistency of theme status of an ameteur. Instead, he has been given that lefthanded compliment of creating films known for their proverbial 'wonderful workmanship.' "
Autoimmune Alert Chad Larson
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2020
"This [COVID-19] virus is not going away any time soon . . . As businesses begin to open back up and people prepare to reenter the workplace, they should not let their guard down."
Change Is a Cat Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Mind & Body Published: July 2020
"Change . . is unpredictable and enticingly spicy or just too much . . . It [often] turns out to be something far different than you thought . . . and that could be very disappointing or a lovely discovery."
Contentious Coronavirus Emily Litvack
Category: Life in America Published: July 2020
"Humans have evolved to be very sensitive to illnesses, contamination, and contagion, and these threats have certain unique properties--they are relatively 'invisible' and ambiguous."
DACA Decision: Come One, Come All David J. Bier
Category: Law & Justice Published: July 2020
"This Supreme Court decision is more meaningful than just preserving the status quo, and that is a good thing for Dreamers, their families, and the Americans who work with them or depend on them."
De-Isolating Seniors Kat Casna
Category: Psychology Published: July 2020
Staying connected to loved ones is hard when you cannot enjoy Sunday dinners together, gather for celebrations, or just drop by for a hug and a cup of coffee.
Emotional Eating More Likely a Woman's Woe Rajeshni Naidu-Ghelani
Category: Psychology Published: July 2020
"When things [like the COVID-19 scourge] appear outside our control and there is increased anxiety and feelings of helplessness, it's easy to turn to food for self-soothing."
Figuring Out Ocean "TRAPS" Jennifer Chu
Category: Science & Technology Published: July 2020
A search-and-rescue algorithm measures the motion of the ocean and identifies hidden "traps" in the open sea.
Finding a Better Way Jay Schweikert
Category: Law & Justice Published: July 2020
Accountability measures that show an agency is serious about respecting the rights of all residents help police as much as they help communities being served. There's no better way to restore community trust, and the police cannot do their jobs w/o trust.
Frozen in Time Laura Arenschield
Category: Science & Technology Published: July 2020
Glacial ice likely will hold records of the COVID-19 pandemic, as studies show evidence of previous epidemics and disasters throughout history."
Is Domestic Violence Spiking Because of COVID-19? Jacklynn Blanchard
Category: Life in America Published: July 2020
With an increase in distress calls and a decrease in actual reports of domestic violence, victims may be delaying reporting eiother until they feel safe enough to do so or until a threatening situation escalates.
Phasing Back . . . Maybe . . . Charles Herrick
Category: Therapeutic Theory Published: July 2020
"If you choose to be more cautious because you are part of a high-risk group--or for any other reason--it is reasonable to wait to see how reopening goes before resuming activities in public."
Staying Strong in Trying Times Ann Marie Hancock
Category: Literary Scene Published: July 2020
"When God is with you, no one can stand against you."
Stop Blaming Supply Chains Inu Manak , Logan Kolas
Category: Dollars & Sense Published: July 2020
The U.S. federal government's inadequate stockpiles of N95 respirators and ventilators for COVID-19 was not a failure of corporate supply chains or globalization. It was a failure of planning for an emergency, which is the highest responsibility of gov't.
Take Back the Day with the Sphere of Silence Vijay Eswaran
Category: Mind & Body Published: July 2020
"If thought is responsible for creatuing our destiny, then the way we think is essential to making meaningful change in our lives."
The Drug War Broke Policing Trevor Burrus
Category: American Justice Published: July 2020
". . . Every day, thousands of police suit up to go to war against their fellow citizens."
The Magic of Toxicity Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: July 2020
"The personal happiness project of evicting anything negative, justified by labeling it toxic, is a profoundly selfiish form of magical thinking."
The Superstar Paradox Merilee Kern
Category: Business & Finance Published: July 2020
"It's time to stop living life for achievements, money, accolades, and the validation of other people . . . Those locked-in patterns [are] causing anxiety and misery--and a life devoid of meaning [and] purpose. . . ."
The Words of a Pandemic Kristina Makansi
Category: Words & Images Published: July 2020
"How do certain terms and phrases . . . Become part of the zeitgeist so quickly and so fully?"
The Work World's New Normal Maria Franceschi
Category: Frontier Horizons Published: July 2020
"I basically was hired by a voice while sitting in my pajamas. I never saw my manager and that person never saw me. . . . Hiring remotely [is likely to become] the new normal. . . ."
This Is NOT Normal Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Life in America Published: July 2020
"Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them."
Travel in the Age of COVID Fran Maier
Category: Travel Wise Published: July 2020
"Whether it is a vacation you want after days upon days at home or some good old-fashioned, much-needed extended family time, [here is] a list of helpful coronavirus travel tips and tricks for getting around safely. . . "
Trying to Work It Out Liz Downs , Kyle Fretwell
Category: Economics Published: July 2020
"The coronavirus crisis disproportionately affects 21.3% of American workers in retail, leisure, and hospitality, who not only face lack of work, but suffer from long-standing, below-average wages."
What Would Elijah Say? Maya Rockeymoore Cummings
Category: Law & Justice Published: July 2020
Ultimately, the level of destruction and chaos we are seeing in the aftermath of George Floyd's killing and the incendiary response from Pres. Trump would have led [the late Rep.] Elijah [Cummings] to repeat his popular refrain, "We're better than this!"
Will the Gap Grow Wider? Liz Farmer
Category: Life In America Published: July 2020
"Many worry the inequalities of this digital divide will worsen during the COVID-19 crisis, even as there is hope the spotlight on the problem will lead to a fix after years of waiting."
Wither America? Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: July 2020
"We are in danger of losing the common threads of our civilization. The assumptions about the legitimacy of law and law enforcement are up for grabs."
Workplace Overhaul Continues Rob Wilson
Category: Back to Business Published: July 2020
"To adhere to the Supreme Court ruling, employers and human resources professionals will need to be educated and prepared when it comes to handling LGBT+ issues. That includes hiring, harrassment, and beyond."