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A Lifetime in Words Llewellyn D. Howell
Category: Words & Images Published: September 2020
Was it really that long ago? The years, the people, the events . . . it all goes by so quickly. Why it seems like only yesterday that we. . .
Amputation Alert David G. Armstrong
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2020
"Diabetic foot ulcers are common, complex, and costly--and they are sinister in that they come on quietly. . . ."
Assessing the Not-So-Great New Deal George Selgin
Category: USA Yesterday Published: September 2020
"Many economists and economic historians . . . Maintain not that the New Deal was rotten through-and-through, but that big chunks of it were counterproductive, and that the damage done by these undid much of the good done by the rest."
Boss Tweed . . . In the Beginning Dakota Devereux
Category: USA Yesterday Published: September 2020
"In 1861, William Tweed leaves behind his fire department and runs for sheriff of the Metropolitan Police. He loses. Instead, he becomes the chairman of the Democratic General Committee, the head of Tammany--Boss."
Can America Get Back on Its Feet? Merilee Kern
Category: Life in America Published: September 2020
"The cost in human lives, as well as the growing economic fallout, from this COVID-19 contagion clearly illustrate the desperate need for a revised public health regime. . . ."
Chemistry Lesson Kristin Marshall , Anthony Schiavo
Category: Science & Technology Published: September 2020
Storms, floods, droughts, and heat will disrupt chemical industry production as climate change impact grows.
Coronavirus Could Change the Future of Transit Funding Liz Farmer
Category: Going Places Published: September 2020
"Fears around public transportation as a spreader of disease--whether unfounded or not--plus more people working from home are likely to keep ridership and revenues low in the foreseeable future."
COVID Chaos: A Prison without Bars Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Life in America Published: September 2020
"These (purposefully) chaotic times are an opportunity for a movement toward government control and the suppression of individuality. Lockdowns keep us apart and stifle the free exchange of ideas and social communion."
Does No More Job Mean No More Insurance? Dan Rafter
Category: Life in America Published: September 2020
"The challenge of finding new health insurance might become more common across the country thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic."
Frowning on Baby Bumps in the Workplace Eric M. Eckert
Category: Business & Finance Published: September 2020
". . . The biggest surprise from this research is that pregnancy discrimination not only negatively impacts the mother, but negatively impacts the baby she is carrying while experiencing the discrimination. . . ."
Give Me a Taste Christy Little Schock
Category: Nutrition in a Nutshell Published: September 2020
In the midst of a global pandemic, people are reluctant to offer food from their plates to another person, but for those with "attachment avoidance," this was an issue long before COVID-19.
Giving It the Old College Try Richard E. Vatz
Category: American Thought Published: September 2020
Progressive privilege and the cancel culture in higher education have conservatives--and the markeplace of ideas--on the run . . . and the race is just about over.
Happy to "Work" It Out Craig Knight
Category: At the Office Published: September 2020
The key to good performance--and success--for every business is "happiness" powered by employee autonomy, whether working from home or the changing office.
Lies of the Lineup Kristina Grifantini
Category: Law & Justice Published: September 2020
People wrongfully accused of a crime often wait years--if ever--to be exonerated.
Make Way for Tomorrow Wes D. Gehring
Category: Entertainment Published: September 2020
"For all of the film's tearjerker traits . . . the movie also functions as a poignant love story of equal nontraditional dimensions. How often does this genre have a focus romantic couple where each partner is 70-plus years old?"
Mum's the Word Emily Ekins
Category: Political Landscape Published: September 2020
"Self-censorship is widespread. . . . Staunch liberals are the only group who feel they can say what they believe. . . ."
Old Folks, New Normal Lisa Cini
Category: Mind & Body Published: September 2020
With all of the confirmed (and uncomfirmed) cases of--and deaths from--COVID-19 in U.S. nursing homes, these more than 15,600 long-term facilities must pivot to ensure the safety of their residents moving forward.
Profiles in Corruption Carolyn M. Fischer
Category: Political Landscape Published: September 2020
A best-selling author chronicles the abuse of power by America's progressive elite.
Questions, Questions, Questions Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: September 2020
Perhaps you harbor "a yen to toss Teddy in the toilet just to see what happens next."
Record Floods Adam Jones
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: September 2020
". . . The Collaborative Research on Paleoenvironments and Society . . . Focuses on the science of past environmental changes and paleoclimate, or climate information from before recorded history."
Rethinking Education for Changing Times Randy Ramos
Category: Education Published: September 2020
"The education system that gets the best results for everyone likely will feature a much greater emphasis on middle and high school career training and a hybrid approach to in-person classroom and distance learning."
Robt Helps Patients Manage Chronic Illness Zach Winn
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2020
Move over, Alexa and Siri: talking Mabu provides one-to-one support while relaying information to doctors.
Russian Rerun? Gail Ellis
Category: Polling Place Published: September 2020
"While there isn't a silver bullet solution that can fully address and prevent election interference in the digital era, some portions of U.S. and international law may offer some relief."
Say It Ain't So, Joe Logan Kolas
Category: Dollars & Sense Published: September 2020
Instead of confronting the dangers of the Trump Admin's trade agenda and embracing a progressive case for free trade, Biden's supply chain resilience plan shows more interest in besting Pres. Trump at his own protectionist game.
That Stings! Daniel Ray
Category: Health Beat Published: September 2020
Be on the lookout for the "10 worst biting, stinging insects and pests in the U.S."
The Precarious State of World Order Charles W. Kegley Jr. , Gregory A. Raymond
Category: Worldview Published: September 2020
At the same time the rapid and relentless spread of COVID-19 demonstrates that international collaboration is essential for fending off the virus, the economic carnage caused by the virus may erode support for maintaining the liberal int'l economic order.
The Wonders of Water Sylvia Lindman
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: September 2020
". . . Ecohydrology research today often overlooks the majority of people on the planet--those who live in cities."
Unprecedented Government Malfeasance Heather Mac Donald
Category: National Affairs Published: September 2020
"Government officials, having shut down commerce due to unblemished ignorance of how markets work, now enabled the torching and looting of thousands of businesses due to the shirking of their most profound responsibility: protecting civil peace."
Utopia's Dead-End Road Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: September 2020
America's ignorant and disillusioned utopians are on a road to nowhere as they attempt to rewrite history.