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A "Progressive" COVID Crisis Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Words & Images Published: November 2020
"California Gov. Gavin Newsom established . . . The Equity Metric, whereby restrictions stay in place until the test positivity rates in its most-disadvantaged neighborhoods are no worse than the overall county rate."
A Sucker Born Every Minute Charles W. Kegley Jr.
Category: Religious Grounds Published: November 2020
At Arlington National Cemetery, Donald Trump exclaimed, "What was in it for them?" He could not conceive of Americans sacrificing their lives so others could live. They were "losers" and "suckers."
American History's Top 10 Allen Guelzo
Category: Education Published: November 2020
"[The] discoveries of who we are arise from undertstanding who we have been. . . . To lose our history is to lose ourselves."
Blending Kids into Hybrid Learning Leigh Wedenoja
Category: Education Published: November 2020
Hybrid learning certainly presents significant demands on parents, guardians, and caregivers, but it also presents a number of creative opportunities for children--with the adults in their lives--to learn new things and develop new skills.
Canary in a Constitutional Coal Mine Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: American Thought Published: November 2020
"Some in Congress and assorted social justice warriors are treating the Constitution like the COVID-susceptible residents of New york nursing homes: expendable. . . ."
Chariots of Compassion James Hilt
Category: Literary Scene Published: November 2020
"The late Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship said it was the best artistic expression of the Christian faith in the 20th century. He was referring to the 1981 movie 'Chariots of Fire'. . ."
Exercising a Most-Precious Right
Category: Museums Today Published: November 2020
"Inspired by World War I patriotic posters and Rockwell's famed 'Four Freedoms' and civil rights era images . . . The Unity Project follows the century-long traditions by Rockwell and other illustrators to reach a larger public through visual images."
Feminism Fights to the Forefront Jack Wang
Category: Political Landscape Published: November 2020
"[Kamala Harris' vice presidential] nomination as a woman of color and a mixed-race woman is very significant--especially when we look back at the history of feminism in this country, which has had a complicated relationship to intersectional issues."
Lessons from the Coronavirus "Emergency" Jane M. Orient
Category: American Thought Published: November 2020
"Let us hope that the shock of COVID-19 and the freedom-crushing response will awaken Americans to the danger of trusting our lives and liberty to the government-anointed experts of the medical-industrial-regulatory complex."
Lincoln at Gettysburg John Cribb
Category: USA Yesterday Published: November 2020
"The square was a mass of people whooping and singing by torch light . . . . A good many of them had sons, brothers, or husbands who had died here four and a half months before. Now they had come to mourn and find purpose."
Madman on the Loose Carolyn Fischer
Category: Worldview Published: November 2020
"Pres. Donald Trump's often incomprehensible foreign policy . . . has changed the country and the world."
More Than a Game Jason Whitlock
Category: National Affairs Published: November 2020
"The entire American sports world--a culture that traditionally celebrates victors, meritocracy, colorblindness, and patriotism--suddenly has immersed itself in black victimization and left-wing radicalism."
Muddled Multitasking Jeff Grabmeier
Category: Hitting the Books Published: November 2020
"Multitasking makes adolescents feel both more positively and more negatively about the main taask they are trying to accomplish. . . ."
National Popular Vote Looks to 2024 Steven A. Johnson
Category: Political Landscape Published: November 2020
"The winner-take-all system of awarding electoral votes was not created by the 1787 Constitutional Convention, is not contained in the Constitution, and is not mentioned in the Federalist Papers."
New World in the Morning Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: November 2020
Today is the first day of the rest of your life--don't blow it!
Seeing Is Believing Alex Rudin
Category: Political Landscape Published: November 2020
"It is critical to understand that the roots of culture stem from artistic movement. If creators dedicate themselves to exposing the truth, we can incite a social revolution. It has happened time and time again, and today, we are ripe for change. . ."
That Would Be a No-Vote for the Incumbent Bradford R. Kane
Category: Political Landscape Published: November 2020
"[Pres. Donald Trump] continually demonstrates an authoritarian, narcissistic belief that the government is his personal tool to do with as he pleases. He erroneously conflates disloyalty to him with disloyalty to the country."
The "Experts" Are Wrong--Really! Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2020
". . . Patients need a trusted physician who shares their views [concerning early outpatient treatment for COVID-19]. If you do not have one, start looking--hard and right away."
The Divide Grows Deeper and Deeper Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: November 2020
Working-class Republicans are angry that globalization and automation have up-ended their jobs. They resent elites' disparagement of them, while the liberals want to shake the foundation of a system that has given them opportunities and wealth.
The Draft Riots: Black Mark on Our Histroy Dakota Scott
Category: USA Yesterday Published: November 2020
"Over the course of three days of rioting, killing, and lynching, 3,000 African-American -- one-quarter of [New York's] free black community -- saw their homes and businesses destroyed."
The Pandemic Is Real, not so the Reporting Lara Salahi
Category: Mass Media Published: November 2020
"The barrage of information during this public health crisis--regarded by the World Health Organization as infodemic--spans beyond the rogue one-off websites with fake news stories, manipulated media, and videos propogating conspriacy claims."
The Way Forward Michael Taylor
Category: Life In America Published: November 2020
"As a black man, I take tremendous pride in belonging to a group that epitomizes courage, perseverance, and faith. In looking back towards our past, I am propelled to create a brighter future."
Vietnam Horrors Recounted Jerry A. Rose , Lucy Rose Fischer
Category: The World Yesterday Published: November 2020
"A 100-yard arc of trench from the south gate to the western point of the fence is a long narrow tomb of grotesquely maimed men--arms and legs sheared off, necks without heads, open abdomens revealing coiled intestines."
What a Relief Laura Schultz
Category: Business & Finance Published: November 2020
"As COVID-19 and its economic impacts continue, policymakers likely will keep exploring various relief measures, including additional funding for businesses with ongoing need that can demonstrate a reduction in revenue."
What Does Supreme Court Ruling and NFL Team Name Change Mean for Native Peoples? Liz Mineo
Category: Law & Justice Published: November 2020
"The McGirt v. Oklahoma decision upheld the rights of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to govern its lands and . . . the NFL franchise in Washington D.C., [dropped] the team name of Redskins. . . ."
What Healing in America Could Look Like Jesmane Boggenpoel
Category: The World Today Published: November 2020
We should not bury the past, but rather use its lessons to create a more-positive future. The impact of allowing a country to digest its history and have an opportunity to hear each other collectively would allow for the creation of a culture of empathy.
Words Have Meanings Helio Fred Garcia
Category: Political Landscape Published: November 2020
"[Donald] Trump appears to be indifferent to the harm his rhetoric causes. He does not specifically intend it, but he does nothing to prevent the fact that he acts and speaks in ways that make the violence more likely."
You Bet Your Favorite Team Is Insured Michael Giusti
Category: Athletic Arena Published: November 2020
". . . Any policy that did not exclude infectious disease before surely will adress it moving forward."