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(Cop)ping to the Cause Clark Neily
Category: Law & Justice Published: January 2021
". . . If you reflexively dismiss and condemn the anger that has been pouring into our streets without trying to understand its origin, then . . . you are part of the problem."
(War) Game On Brian T. Kennedy
Category: Worldview Published: January 2021
". . . There is growing evidence that . . . Some of the funding for BLM and Antifa is coming from [Chinese Communist Party]-sponsored or affiliate groups. . . ."
A "Hack" of a Close Vote Daniel Markuson
Category: Polling Place Published: January 2021
"Most [voting] machines are more than 10 years old and were designed at a time when no one considered the need for cybersecurity."
A Stroke of Luck? Charles W. Kegley Jr. , Debra A. Kegley
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2021
"The horrific things that happen after a stroke strikes can empower individuals to find their true character. . . . Think about the meaning of your existence in ways that were unlikely when you drifted complacently through life."
America's Battleground Carolyn M. Fischer
Category: Worldview Published: January 2021
The term "strategic narcissism" best describes our nation's tendency to "define the world only in relation to [its] own aspirations and desires."
Beyond Slavery Jonathan W. Emord
Category: American Thought Published: January 2021
"The U.S. must get beyond slavery. We should not make every new generation a captive of the sins of the prior generation. We must embrace as a fundamental tenet the full promise of the Declaration of Independence."
COVID-19 Won the Presidential Election Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: American Thought Published: January 2021
"The COVID pandemic was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's stated reason for inserting blanket mail-in voting into a COVID financial relief package several months before the election."
Dementia's Lifestyle Issues Amy Forni
Category: Mind & Body Published: January 2021
As baby boomers in America continue to age, specialists predict there will be an increase in dementia cases. Several risk factors are modifiable.
Do We Really Want to Bank at the Post Office? Lawrence H. White
Category: Economics Published: January 2021
"The [Kirsten Gillibrand and Bernie Sanders] bill and other recent proposals for postal banking seek to provide a consumer-friendly alternative to state-regulated payday lending, and to the check-cashing services presently used by the unbanked."
Feast or Famine for Farms? Dan Kowalski
Category: Econimics Published: January 2021
"Higher commodity prices and low interest rates will be an important financial buffer to net farm income in 2021, with the federal government's role in farm payments expected to diminish greatly."
It's Intentional Sarah Sherwood
Category: Psychology Published: January 2021
Adults with special needs are benefiting from intentional communities.
Kids Will Be Kids--Won't They? Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: January 2021
"Death from COVID, financial devastation, and briefly living like our ancestors in terms of social life and being with family are not on equal footing. We do young people harm by pretending that it is so."
Orwell's Warning Larry P. Arnn
Category: American Thought Published: January 2021
"We can see today the totalitarian impulse among powerful forces in our politics and culture; in the rise and imposition of doublethink; and in the emboldened attempts to rewrite our history."
Pandemic Ghost Towns Liz Farmer
Category: Life In America Published: January 2021
". . . City policymakers are struggling to contemplate . . . how much of this shift will be permanent. . . ."
Post-Trump Politics Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: January 2021
"Whatever the current opinion of [Donald] Trump may be, his presidency was consequential, and its impact has altered the political landscape."
Promises, Promises Jane M. Orient
Category: Health Beat Published: January 2021
[Pres.-elect Joe] Biden and Vice Pres.-elect Kamala Harris were not in a position to determine health policy, so they ran on promises--so many promises.
Questioning the Rollout of 5G Beverly A. Jensen
Category: Science & Technology Published: January 2021
"As a rumble in the sphere of public opinion begins that our ubiquitous electronic devices may not be entirely harmless, the pushback from industry is inevitable."
Sense and Sensitivity Jay Bhattacharya
Category: Life In America Published: January 2021
". . . We should bring back the civilization that we had [before the pandemic] so that the cure [for COVID] does not end up being worse than the disease."
Skewing the Truth Jay Schweikert
Category: Law & Justice Published: January 2021
"Not everyone in law enforement misrepresents qualified immunity, but almost everyone who misrepresents qualified immunity is part of law enforcement."
Stirring the Pot with Turmoil Gerald E. Marsh
Category: American Thought Published: January 2021
". . . The challenges to equality of opportunity are far more complex than university admission or outright discrimination. . . ."
Sustainable Education Has Its Roots in Change Kweku Larbi
Category: Education Published: January 2021
"A cultural shift in the way education is viewed in developing countries is creating a movement that is taking a focused and critical look at what the problem is and then identifying solutions. . . ."
The Beckoning of a Beatle Land Book Wes D. Gehring
Category: Literary Scene Published: January 2021
The Beatles could have done a cinema variation on the Marx brothers. The twist is that the Marxes acted surreal in a sane world, while the Beatles attempted to maintain sanity in a world gone mad.
The Rise of Conservative Icon Robert T. Mann
Category: USA Yesterday Published: January 2021
Before he spoke for Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, most people knew Ronald Regan as a fading film star. Millions soon recognized him as something new and powerful in American politics.
The Sin of Referral Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Psychology Published: January 2021
"Where does the client's rights to demand treatment end and the therapist's rights to refuse tresatment begin? Can a professional refuse to provide professional services? Under what circumstances is this ethical?"
The Wave that Never Was Ken W. Good
Category: Political Landscape Published: January 2021
"It would seem that a different kind of wave--not the blue one predicted--may have been forming all along, created by the winds of voter discontentment. On Election Day, it finally crested and reached shore."
This Town Is Our Town Quint Studer
Category: Life In America Published: January 2021
". . . The pandemic . . . has served to shine a spotlight on the grit, resourcefulness, and optimism that thrives at the local level."
Training Remote Workers Maury Rogow
Category: Back To Business Published: January 2021
Many companies are fumbling how they communicate with--and train--their employees.
Trust Misplaced? Darrell Bricker
Category: Words & Images Published: January 2021
Around the globe, 82% of adults indicate that the news they read, watch, or listen to comes from trustworthy sources. Two-thirds of respondents say they have easy access to news they have faith in.
Where Children Learn How to Learn Cornelius N. Grove
Category: Education Published: January 2021
"In Japan, kata is used for kindergarten kids--even preschoolers--and it begins on their very first day at school."