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A Home that Is Special Sarah Sherwood
Category: Psychology Published: March 2021
The population of adults with special needs is growing, while funding is decreasing. Policy leaders are working on strategies to solve the problem, but since they often are not touched personally by it, the design of these programs can fall short.
Advice from the "Divorce Whisperer" Marta J. Papa
Category: Life in America Published: March 2021
"The entire process [should be] geared toward finding the win-win solution for both parties and their children. . . 'what they will need to want to wake up in the morning and live their new lives.' "
America Beefs Up Robyn Peterson
Category: Nutrition in a Nutshell Published: March 2021
". . . Proper management of grazing animals can rebuild the health of pastures and rangelands while providing food and essential products for society."
Bowing to a Different Culture Cornelius N. Grove
Category: Education Published: March 2021
'Culture of teaching' means that there is a collection of expectations, norms, and values about what teachers do that is shared by educational authorities, school administrators, parents and other community members, teachers themselves--and even the kids.
Can the Deplorables Strike Back? Jane M. Orient
Category: Political Landscape Published: March 2021
"The measures government and its partners--big tech, news media, even most medical organizations--are imposing to 'protect' us from a viral disease are the same as those used to suppress political dissent."
Cancel Culture at Work Alec Klein
Category: Literary Scene Published: March 2021
". . . The facts of the immediate past intrude on my soporific stupor: the attacks, the shock, the disgrace, the abandonment, the anguish, the loss, the spiral into nothingness."
COVID Policy Conundrum Walter Olson
Category: National Affairs Published: March 2021
"An unfortunate feature of the U.S. system's interplay of law, litigation, and regulation is that businesses can get sued if they do and sued if they don't."
Dissecting the Federal Behemoth Richard Smith
Category: Economics Published: March 2021
"Debt clocks are mounted in prominent places, spinning wildly upward, designed to shock the conscience, but where are the national asset clocks, spinning wildly upward, designed to sooth the conscience?"
Doing It with Purpose Nadene Joy
Category: Mind & Body Published: March 2021
"We do not define our life by purpose alone, but rather by the meaning we assign to it. It is this meaning and the why behind what we do that brings us the greatest fulfillment and joy."
Donald's Demise: Just Deserts Gary Rosenthal
Category: On the Couch Published: March 2021
"Solutions to the unholy union of psychopathy and political tribalism are unlikely to come from a single source, but perhaps, from a probing, collective conversation just barely begun."
Down Mexico Way Judith Fein
Category: Worldview Published: March 2021
Prisons most often are like the dark nights of the soul--rife with pain, hurt, rage, humiliation, isolation, revenge, and desperation--but rays of enlightenment shone on a medium-security prison in Chetumal, where hope for healing and rehabilitation lies.
EMR Wake-Up Call Beverly A. Jensen
Category: Science & Technology Published: March 2021
"As a society, the U.S.--as well as other nations--needs to raise public awareness of the consequences to human and planetary health from electromagnetic radiation."
Engineering the Economy Jarl Jensen
Category: Economics Published: March 2021
"The pursuit of happiness should not be some abstract language in a historic document; it should be the intended outcome of engineers controlling money creation for the purpose of optimizing the U.S. for its people."
Escaping Abuse Mannette Morgan
Category: Life in America Published: March 2021
"On average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner in the U.S. Nearly half of all American women and men have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner in their lifetime."
Evil by Any Other Name Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: March 2021
"Refuse to play the all-or-nothing game in which someone disagreeing on one thing means they must be punished, rejected, and even shamed. For the time being, it is going to cost you. Evil is like that."
Kissing Frogs Uma Ojeda
Category: Mind & Body Published: March 2021
Love Guru Uma has "a lot of awful horror stories to share . . . equal parts hopeful, thrilling, and excrutiatingly painful."
Lessons (not) Learned Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: March 2021
"[Pres. Joe] Biden was supposed to end [Donald] Trump's toboggan ride. Instead, he is accelerating it."
Looking for a Fair Share Steve Riczo
Category: Economics Published: March 2021
"We should commit to using our ability to innovate to find a way to share broadly the benefits of a strong U.S. economy with all Americans."
Middle Class Morass Donald L. Barlett , James B. Steele
Category: Economics Published: March 2021
". . . Despite the lip service politicians pay to the middle class, national policies over the last 40 years systematically have decimated it."
Mystic Chords of Memory Christopher Flannery
Category: USA Yesterday Published: March 2021
"The American story, still young, already is the greatest ever written by human hands and minds. It is a tale of freedom the likes of which the world never has seen."
New Deal Spurs New Thinking George Selgin
Category: Economics Published: March 2021
The 'Roosevelt Recession,' as Republicans especially refer to it, was to alter FDR's policies in two ways. It marked the winding down of the New Deal and signaled the beginning of 'Keynesian' fiscal policy, first out of necessity, but then of belief,
Pandemic Stress . . . on the Supply Chain Deann Gayman
Category: Business & Finance Published: March 2021
"In terms of . . . reaction time and . . . safety stock . . . you could never forecast for what we experienced last spring."
Seeking Out the Needy Astha Bhatia
Category: Medicine & Health Published: March 2021
"State, county, and local health departments have worked hard to develop facilities and programs to improve public health. Taking the final step of making sure those programs connect with the people who need them will have far-reaching benefits. . . . "
Speak Your Piece Matthew Feeney
Category: Words & Images Published: March 2021
"Legislative attempts to condition Section 230 protections on tackling extremist speech quickly will run into a stubborn constitutional barrier."
Stop Throwing Cash in the Trash Patricia J. Penke
Category: Dollars & Sense Published: March 2021
An incredible amout of valuable wares are being thrown into dumpsters and ending up in landfills.
Suzy Has the Answer Mary Beth King
Category: Science & Technology Published: March 2021
A chimpanzee raised as human during the Great Depression helps resolve an evolutionary debate.
The Fix Is In--on Elections and COVID Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Political Landscape Published: March 2021
". . . The voting process was as purposefully obtuse as the inner workings of our 'health care system.' "
Timing Is Everything Steve Carr
Category: Science & Technology Published: March 2021
Geologists refine the timing of the Cambrian explosion and trilobite evolution in the Grand Canyon.
Up Against the Wall Jane M. Orient
Category: Law & Justice Published: March 2021
Americans are learning that we are all in this together--except for the elite who draw salaries from bureaucracies and legislators who vote for laws written by special interests who invest millions in campaign contributions to reap billions in benefits.
What About Whataboutism? Richard E. Vatz
Category: American Thought Published: March 2021
"The fallacy du jour, whataboutism, is a particularly appropriate new strategy for today's cancel culture. . . ."
When It Comes from the Heart Wes D. Gehring
Category: Reel World Published: March 2021
It is much easier to embrace a filmmaker whose private time often is spent on activities to which one has strong beliefs. Naturally, this link between the actor and the view is further reinforced if the artist's true passion s bleed into the work.
When Playing It Safe Is Risky Megha Tatiya
Category: Business & Finance Published: March 2021
"Surviving takes on new meaning in the post-COVID world, and business and society cannot go back to our before-coronavirus ways because history has a way of repeating itself."