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A New Kind of Loyalty Sesto Mahler Shira , Briana
Category: Dollars & Sense Published: May 2021
"Conumers now are asking: does the brand include me, love me, and will it evolve over time to meet my needs?"
A Suicide Brainstorm Mark Henick
Category: Psychology Published: May 2021
"Hanging, jumping, cutting, stabbing, shooting, drowning, falling, flaming, choking, and poison. It was an aimless scattershot, a creative inventory of whatever came to mind."
Benched to an Early Exit Jeff Grabmeier
Category: Sports Scene Published: May 2021
"Black players in the National Basketball Association have 30% greater odds of leaving in any given season than white players who have equivalent performances on the court . . ."
Beware the Most Powerful Election-Influencing Machine in American History Allum Bokhari
Category: National Affairs Published: May 2021
"Today Big Tech does not just mean control over online information. It means control over news, commerce, and politics [and] it is obvious that Big Techs's priority . . .is to support the political left and the Washington establishment."
Caring for Your Pet's Caregiver Sandy Weaver
Category: Psychology Published: May 2021
". . . Male veterinarians are 2.1 times more likely, and female veterinarians are 3.5 times more likely, to complete suicide than their nonveterinarian peers."
Circus of the Absurd Jonathan W. Emord
Newsletter Article Category: American Thought Published: May 2021
"Pres. [Joe] Biden, by Executive Order, is . . . quite literally returning America to its own version of the Stone Age."
Cloudy Befuddlement Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: May 2021
"The forcast for me, for the time being, at least, is (mentally) partly cloudy with a chance of passing befuddlement. Expect periods of anxiety throughout the evening."
Coronavirus Super Bowl 2021: Billionaires Win Chuck Collins , Frank Clemente
Category: Athletic Arena Published: May 2021
". . . Billionaire sports barons have seen their wealth rise as their fans lose their lives, livelihoods, health, and wealth. . . . We should be investigating pandemic profiteering and taxing windfall gains during these extraordinary times."
Doesn’t Matter If You're Black or White--or Does It? Robert Thompson
Category: Mind & Body Published: May 2021
". . . Mixed couples are more likely to experience pushback from well-meaning members of their own respective inner circles than they will from society at large. . ."
FDR's Money Growth Dilema George Selgin
Category: Economics Published: May 2021
'. . . Actions by both the Fed and the Treasury resulted in a second severe monetary contradiction that would reverse many signs of the gains achieved over the course of the preceding four years [of the Great Depression]."
Female Lockdown Barriers Gayle Landry
Category: Back to Business Published: May 2021
". . . The potential of remote working for women in tech is not quite being matched by social progression in this 'working from home' dynamic."
From Russia Without Love R. James Woolsey , Ion Mihai Pcepa
Category: Worldview Published: May 2021
"[The former Soviet Union] has become the first intelligence dictatorship in history - and few people know what that really means."
Genres of the Fantastic Wes D. Gehring
Category: Entertaiment Published: May 2021
"Under this provocative parasol of genres of the fantastic, the most-significant solemn literacy texts have come from horror."
In Perpetuity Is a Problem Robert J. Bresler
Category: State of the Nation Published: May 2021
"[The Biden] Administration has presented an agenda for domination. There will be little peace that could come from such a plan."
In Search of "Just Culture" Nate Link
Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2021
We need root-cause analysis and a blame-free paradigm to get all of the facts of the COVID pandemic out into the open.
It's All in the Data Details Sky Cassidy
Category: Business & Finance Published: May 2021
"Data is a useful word because it is short and, within a group that works with the same type of data, it can be used like a pronoun to reference what everyone knows you are talking about."
Lockdown Lunacy Ryan Bourne
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2021
". . . We ordinarily are wise to oppose government control over our everyday lives and choices."
Long Live "The King" Sally Hoedel
Category: Entertainment Published: May 2021
"To really understand Elvis, Presley, patience is required, as the story of his health problems starts long before he was born."
More than a Dishwasher Edward Stanton
Category: Words & Images Published: May 2021
When he entered the restaurant, he was greeted like a war hero. The other dishwashers, the cooks, some of the waitresses and busboys gathered around Lolo who has been an apprectice bullfighter, a mechanic, a taxi driver, and a barber.
Not a Racist . . .Not Enough Jane M. Orient
Category: Health Beat Published: May 2021
"[Patients] probably would like their doctor to be studying about the latest giagnostic and therapeutic developments instead od attending a struggle session where he is expected to confess his guilt about 'white priviledge.'"
Not Just Lawn Mowers Can Land You in the ER John Egan
Category: Life In America Published: May 2021
". . . Gear such as garden hoses, lawn edgers, lea blowers, pruning shears, wheelborrows, and chainsaws cause 73% of [yardwork] injuries."
Ol' Blue Eyes' Arranger Geoffrey Littlefield
Category: Entertainment Published: May 2021
"The [Frank] Sinatra-[Nelson] Riddle collaboration [lasted] 25 glorious years. Their special relationship will be remembered for producing timeless musical magic that forever is enchrined in the annals of American popular music."
Pandemic Punishment Scott W. Atlas
Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2021
". . .The freedom of Americans to seek and state what they believe to be the truth is at risk."
Personal Banking at the Fed Diego Zuluga
Category: Economics Published: May 2021
". . . The absence of minimum balance requirements or account maintinence fees on FedAccounts would make them attractive to 'millions of people who currently choose not to or are unable to maintain bank accounts."
Postpartum's "Poor" Consequences Sarah Steinhardt , Juliet Fuisz
Category: Psychology Published: May 2021
"Poor women suffer in silence for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is a health care system that abandons them - financially, materially, emotionally - during the grueling, painful, life-altering postpartum months."
Scorecard on States Jim Barrett
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: May 2021
"The [American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy] report examines energy efficiency policies across five primary areas, identifying states that have adopted best practices in each, as well as opportunities ahead."
Sticking It to the Kids Dena Silliman Nielson
Category: Law & Justice Published: May 2021
". . . Questions about how, when, or should children receive [a COVID-19] vaccine are starting to come to mind for . . . Parents that realize this will be an issue between them."
The 19th Hijacker James Reston Jr.
Category: Literary Scene Published: May 2021
"Short is the employment of this world. The Hereafter is far better for him who fears Allah."
The New Wasteland Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: On Second Thought Published: May 2021
It is as if the medical bureaucrats are making up the rules as they go alon [while] shameless nonclinician bureaucrats have stolen our lives, stolen the smiles from children's faces, and bullied a segment of the population into paralyzing fear.
Watered-Down Preferences Jill Culora
Category: Nutrition in a Nutshell Published: May 2021
"Some 91% of U.S. consumers say bottled water should be available wherever other drinks are sold, relates a survey of U.S. adults conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the International Bottled Water Association."
What the Word's First Viral Video Has Wrought Maria Peña
Category: USA Yesterday Published: May 2021
Sketches from the Federal trial against police officers for violating Rodney King's civil rights and his civil lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles stand out as the type the Library of Congress should be collecting and making available to researchers.