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"Red"-y to Run Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Political Landscape Published: July 2021
Blue States well may see their entire big government structures collapse as the tax bases disappear and the influx of illegal immigrants, crime, and homeless populations skyrocket. These Blue States may turn Red when the welfare dries up.
A Run on the Banks George Selgin
Category: USA Yesterday Published: July 2021
"Before it can be explained how, and to what extent, FDR's gold policies contributed to the recovery [from the Great Depression], we must step back in time to consider the causes of the banking crisis, including the part gold played in it."
Coming Out . . . As Your True Self Britt East
Category: Mind & Body Published: July 2021
"We hated the possibility that we might be, even if in just some small way, who they said we were: self-hating sissies, forever doomed to remain outside the boundaries of polite society."
Coronavirus Cash Cow Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: On Second Thought Published: July 2021
"Media outlets increased ratings at the expense of the truth; drug companies are rolling in dough; researchers let politics guide their outcomes; and social media censored physicians who disagreed with the wizards at WHO, NIH, [and the] CDC. . . ."
COVID's Overdose Beat Leigh Wedenoja
Category: Health Beat Published: July 2021
"There was catious optimism that the rapid intensification in drug mortality had begun to plateau. However, much of that optimism faded during the first days of stay-at-home orders in March 2020."
Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It Christopher F. Rufo
Category: National Affairs Published: July 2021
"Americans are . . . outraged that critical race theory promotes three ideas--race essentialism, collective guilt, and neo-segregation--which violate the basic principles of equality and justice."
Diabetic Variables Misti Crane
Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2021
A pair of studies at Ohio State University explore the effects statins and low-carb diets have on type 2 diabetes.
Gig Guesswork Liz Farmer
Category: Economics Published: July 2021
". . . When the CARES Act passed in the early weeks of the pandemic and expanded unemployment insurance benefits to this class of workers, it placed a spotlight on just how much we do not know about the size of gig economy."
Greenhouse Goof-Up Peter L. Ward
Category: The Environment Published: July 2021
Greenhouse-warming theory not only is mistaken, it "is not even physically possible."
Has Old Age Caught Up with America? Richard Jackson
Category: Economics Published: July 2021
". . . Confronting the challenges posed by population aging . . . Will test our ability to change, adapt, and evolve."
Illegal and Irrational Jonathan W. Emord
Category: National Affairs Published: July 2021
The argument for reparations is not meant to substitute existing laws but to satisfy a blatant racist desire to divide Americans, not predicated on those who provably discriminate but based solely on skin tone and ancestry.
It Is What It Is Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: July 2021
"Exactly how [the] full-frontal embrace of raw reality intersects with the bottomless relativism of our culture is a mystery to me."
Just What the Left Doesn't Want to Hear Richard E. Vatz
Category: Mass Media Published: July 2021
"There only is a minority of men and women who become the focus of national attention due to their political opinionating, and almost none will take on those who are ideologically at one with themselves. [Tucker] Carlson is in that tiny group."
Life's Acronyms Can Show the Way Susan Zimmerman
Category: Mind & Body Published: July 2021
Get a GRIP on HOPE and keep it NEAR.
Look at All We Have Lost Mark Steyn
Category: Worldview Published: July 2021
". . . The U.S., and the West in general, have become almost unrecognizable from what they were not that long ago."
Malevolent Madness Robert J. Bresler
Category: State of the Nation Published: July 2021
"We need a way back from this madness, and we need it soon."
Mesmirizing Leaders Are Able to Build Trust Tim Shurr
Category: Business & Finance Published: July 2021
"By establishing yourself as a trusted leader, you will . . . be on your way to fostering a workplace culture that is strong enough to withstand any storm and become a place for both professional and personal growth."
No Vax, No College? Jane M. Orient
Category: Life In America Published: July 2021
"So, what can students do?--be cheerful or reluctant participants in a massive uncontrolled experiment and hope for the best? Seek an exemption? Perhaps pause their education plans--and outrageous tuition?"
One Giant Answer Wayne M. Barrett
Category: Sports Scene Published: July 2021
I created a baseball trivia quiz in which there is only one answer--that of my favorite team. Take the quiz and see how you do. I guarantee that if you get one right, you'll get them all right.
Reconciliation Recoil William Yeatman
Category: National Affairs Published: July 2021
". . . In the contemporary Congress, lawmakers are not even sure 'how a bill becomes a law.' "
Reimagining Mice and Men Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: American Thought Published: July 2021
Who would have imagined a pediatrician governor supporting infanticide? Or physicians who offered early treatment of COVID-19 would be treated like drug dealers? Or Ninteen Eighty-Four would cease being fiction?
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Ryan A. Bourne
Category: Life In America Published: July 2021
"As the retrospectives of the pandemic are written, it is crucial we try to understand the economic incentives at play in how people behaved and so where government action might have helped or hindered public health efforts."
The Quest to Capture Carbon Michael Dent
Category: Science & Technology Published: July 2021
"There are significant research efforts aiming to boost the effectiveness of CO2 capturing technology and facilitate deployment of what could be a vital advancement in the fight against climate change."
The Silver Screen's Golden Movies Brett Zongker
Category: Reel World Published: July 2021
"The National Film Registry is an important record of [U.S.] history, culture, and creativity, captured through one of the great American artforms--our cinematic experience."
The Trumped Up Charges Never Cease Carolyn Fischer
Category: Worldview Published: July 2021
Instead of subsiding now that he no longer is president, Trump Derangement Syndrome, especially in regards to Russia, apparently will continue unabated.
Whose Song Is It? Wes D. Gehring
Category: Reel World Published: July 2021
Popular music constantly is being redifined on the silver screen.
Women Drivers More at Risk Joe Young
Category: Travel Wise Published: July 2021
"Though men are involved in more fatal crashes than women, on a per-crash basis, women are 20% to 28% more likely than men to be killed and 37% to 73% more likely to be seriously injured. . . ."