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A Debt to Pay Richard Jackson
Category: Economics Published: September 2021
"Governments [according to Modern Monetary Theory] do not need to levy taxes in order to spend money. All they need to do to spend money is to print it."
Americans Abroad Warren Jaferian
Category: Travel Wise Published: September 2021
Tourism-dependent economies, while eager to welcome Americans back, have suffered from strict, persistent lockdowns, and continue to face travel restrictions. Europeans are more collectivist and more readily accept mask mandates and other restrictions.
Back to Business Kelly May
Category: Business & Finance Published: September 2021
"What has changed and what has stayed the same? Does your office need to be reimagined and reinvigorated. . . ?"
Cause of Death? Jane M. Orient
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2021
"Thousands of healthy people are dying unexpectedly, but our public health agencies are assuring us that their demise was not caused by the COVID-19 vaccination."
Christianity's Heart Disease Timothy R. Jennings
Category: Religion Published: September 2021
"Christians need to identify and remove an infection of thought, a distortion of belief, and a corruption of ideas that have taken root in the hearts of far too many good people. . . ."
Climate Breakdown
Category: The Environment Published: September 2021
"The Day May Break addresses peraps the biggest crisis of all--climate change, or a more fitting phrase, climate breakdown, which negatively impacts every living creature on the planet."
Code Blue! Eleanor Barlow
Category: Law & Justice Published: September 2021
"The volume and intensity of direct cyberattacks on hospitals and systems have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic."
Diesel Does It Kristen Gifford
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: September 2021
". . . It is vital for the continuous improvement of the internal combustion engine to achieve progress in energy efficiency and lower emissions. One size does not fit all, but everyone should have a size that fits his or her needs."
Don't Say We Weren't Warned George Erickson
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: September 2021
"We now have evidence that the level of CO2 and other greenhose gases will, within just a few decades, equal those that caused the Permian extinction some 250,000,000 years ago when more than 95% of oceanic and 70% of terrestrial species died."
Florida Man . . . and Woman Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: September 2021
"When it all becomes very normal--the gators, bees, kids kayaking down the street after a rainstorm, flip-flops at church--you have become Florida Man and Wife."
If the Shoe Fits . . . Wes D. Gehring
Category: Reel World Published: September 2021
"Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?"
Lady Editor Melanie Kirkpatrick
Category: USA Yesterday Published: September 2021
There is no better example of Sarah Josepha Hale's sway as the preeminent cultural influencer of the mid 19th century than two traditions she introduced in the 1840s that continue to flourish in the 21st century: the white wedding gown and Christmas tree.
Learning to Learn Cornelius N. Grove
Category: Education Published: September 2021
". . . A culture of learning is . . . about what [children] expect of others, and themselves, within any situation in which they have an opportunity to learn knowledge or skills. That includes learning in school."
Marxism, BLM, CRT . . . Ugh! Tamzin A. Rosenwasser
Category: On Second Thought Published: September 2021
Human beings and productive enterprises are not all that critical race theory, communism, fascism, and socialism kill. They also kill reason and logic as well as love and hope.
Pandemic Payouts Gone Wild William Yeatman
Category: Economics Published: September 2021
"Due to [a] maelstrom of mismanagement [involving the Small Business Administration's pandemic programs], hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have been placed at undue risk."
People of Faith Can Be the Answer Bill Haslam
Category: Political Landscape Published: September 2021
"As our nation grows more polarized and people of faith fear the secularization of the country, this is the right time to consider what it looks like for Christians to be engaged in the public square."
Real Estate Realities Troy Green
Category: Economic Observer Published: September 2021
"For black Americans, in general, the greater likelihood of having student loan debt, combined with lower household incomes and accrued savings when compared to the national average, adds to the challenge [of purchasing a home]."
Revamping Your Recycling Routine Tom Szaky
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: September 2021
"Giving . . . Items a second life keeps them from piling up in landfills, polluting the oceans, and negatively impacting future generations."
Socialism's Superhero Jonathan W. Emord
Category: American Thought Published: September 2021
"[Do] Bernie Sanders and AOC have large Soviet-style portraits of Felix Frankfurter hanging on the walls of their Washington offices alongside those of Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Mao Tse-tung, and Che Guevara. . . "?
Somebody Is Listening Daniel Markuson
Category: Under the Microscope Published: September 2021
Smart speakers may be quite popular, but they do engage certain vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to privacy. They permanently store everything we ask them to do or search.
Speaking Up in Black and White Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2021
"Perhaps upspeakers' brains are fried after being fed a steady diet of DEI, ESG, and BIPOC."
Tax Credits Aplenty Leigh Wedenoja
Category: Economics Published: September 2021
"Lessons from the [Earned Income Tax Credit] show that the 2021 [Child Tax Credit] expansion has the potential to improve both child and parent health as well as educational outcomes for children."
The Authoritarian Virus Robert J. Bresler
Category: State of the Nation Published: September 2021
"Educational leaders who appease ardent antiracist authoritarians are turning teaching into indoctrination."
The Beauty of Uniqueness
Category: Focus Published: September 2021
"Every life is one of a kind, never to be repeated."
The Choice Should Be Yours Neal McCluskey
Category: Education Published: September 2021
". . . Education analysts and commentators long have ignored the distinct possibility that public schooling spurs constant conflict, and the corollary, that choice would foster peace in education."
The Missing Link to College Costs Justin Duncombe
Category: Education Published: September 2021
"The reality for most families is the cost of education has less to do with the price and more to do with the ability to pay."
The Suspect Science of Gov't Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Health Beat Published: September 2021
Federal and state govts are bribing, cajoling, and pressuring us to take an injection of a product that could be killing us in numbers not seen before. Serious reactions include miscarriages, Bell's palsy, Guillain-Barre, blood clotting disorders, etc.
The Terror of Transitioning Abigail Shrier
Category: National Affairs Published: September 2021
"Just as the destructive objective of critical race theory is to divide Americans racially, that of gender ideology is to disrupt the formation of stable families, the building blocks of American life."
Who Says Youth Is Wasted on the Young? Marianne Larned
Category: The Environment Published: September 2021
"We need to shine the light on young changemakers . . . So their voices are heard--and may we join with them to build a more equitable and sustainable world."